Thursday, July 6, 2017

Making the Best of Changed Plans

July 1-6, 2017
Newport, Oregon

After a final day in Garibaldi of housekeeping and a last meal at our favorite Parkview Restaurant, Sunday morning we head south again.

Although our travels will continue north for several more weeks, we arranged back in October to spend a week with friends Janis and Nick in Newport for the 4th of July holiday. Going to be so much fun to finally spend time together on the road!!

Then....the phone call.

You know those calls, filled with expletives and sunken hearts. The ones of thwarted plans :-(

This call is from Janis that there are family medical issues at home that require them to return. On Monday morning. 

Well damn. 

The Port of Newport RV Park is a large asphalt park with level, FHU sites where the Yaquina River meets the bay. Nothing fancy, but clean and a good location. We get set up quickly and spend the rest of the day and evening with our soon-departing pals enjoying good food and catching up. And whining about what we aren't going to do together, what they're going to miss. Too soon good-byes and hugs. And then we're on our own.

This time I don't forget a photo - Janis says no :-)))

Monday we wander around the very busy town of Newport, go grocery shopping, take naps. Pout.

Mother Nature gives us a fireworks preview.
With the park full of families having holiday fun, and the town full of tourists clogging the streets, Tuesday we take a drive up the Yaquina River.

It's a beautiful day so it's surprising there are only a couple boats on the water. Finding an empty day park is a treat so we hang out for a while.

I love the hanging flowers found in most of the coastal towns.

The ones in the small town of Toledo are some of the prettiest.

How we like our parking lots.

Love this giant beauty along the shore.

The branches reach all the way to the water.

Numerous old posts dot the water.

Resting in the grass.
It's a pretty spot on the river, but nothing's biting today. It is a holiday.....

Bill finds a dirt road that loops us back toward town, several railroad trestles cross the path,

and a lovely creek follows along.
After a yummy dinner of grilled steaks, corn on the cob and fresh fruit salad, with a few cold brews, we're nearly asleep by the time the fireworks start at 10 PM. We're sitting in our front yard, but when the first bang lights the sky we realize we can see better up higher through our windshield. If the street lights in the parking lot next door were out the view would be perfect! I don't get any photos but it's a great show with great seats :-)

Fireworks going off all around us - Tessa is chill.
I get a call from an old friend who is passing through town on Wednesday morning - let's get together for breakfast! Dorothy and I worked together years ago in Sacramento, and she and husband Lee have been traveling in their RV for years. 

It's wonderful to meet Lee and get caught up with their adventures. Looking forward to seeing them again down the road.

Dorothy and Lee and the sweetest toad we've ever seen!
The Oregon Coast Aquarium is just around the corner from our park, and a place we've looked forward to seeing. Thursday morning we do.

It's very crowded with summer break families. We manage to navigate our way through, and other than not being able to see the otter-feeding exhibit through the bodies, we see everything. 

A large and interesting exhibit on shipwrecks.

I could watch Jelly Fish for hours - they're so graceful.

These look like more like mushrooms.

That friend who always shows up over-dressed.

Common Muirs. We've not seen uncommon ones yet.
Tufted Puffin 

They look furry up close.

This young man explained to us that his friend can feel the vibration of his "petting" - and the photo bomber wants some too!

Hard to catch good photos through the spotted glass, but the otters are so cute.

The giant Pacific Octopus is even harder to see, but he is huge.

The underwater tunnels are popular.

Several species of shark in this tank, but none as large as the Seven Gill.

The nature walk along the estuary is a nice break from the busy exhibits.

Huge Star Fish

Sunflower Star - this guy is moving quickly across the glass.

Zillions of little suckers move in one direction.

Tiny Pipefish dance through the grass.

A large school of anchovy have me craving pizza!
Vivid tide pool colors.
After the aquarium we enjoy an exceptional late lunch on the harbor at Local Ocean. Fresh catch seafood and organic vegetables fill their wonderful menu. Bill's Rock Fish and my shrimp and spicy noodle salad are both very good. 

Our time in Newport is going really fast - still can't believe we're not sharing it with our friends! Friday we'll go see my favorite lighthouse :-)


  1. I have once again been so thankful Emmi is basically bullet proof and Ms. Tessa appears to be the same! Great shots of all the marine wildlife!

    1. It certainly makes it easier on all of us that she isn't bothered by loud noises!

  2. That sure is a sweet toad, Jodee! What is it?

    1. Embarrassingly I can't remember, but he's had it for 35 years and it's a beauty..

  3. Sorry your friends had leave, but looks like you are making the most of your visit alone:) I do love aquariums. You got fantastic photos!! Thanks for sharing:) The otter is my favorite. Watching the jellyfish is very cool. I appreciate your clever cations!

    How interesting that the park was empty with the holiday, but a win for you three!! Too bad Bill didn't realize the fish have the holiday off:)

    1. I forgot to add the little domes inside some of the tanks where little ones can climb under and put their heads "inside" the water - such a great idea, and they loved it! I'm still bummed I didn't get the week with the BFF, but we did have a good time and her family is doing better.

  4. Not too bad to have one unfortunately shortened visit and then a surprise visit from another friend. That will happen to folks with bushels of friends. Absolutely agree on how you like your parking lots. Not only is Tessa just a flat out cutie but she's solid. Way to go Tessa on the fireworks. Not much early sleeping on the 4th for us since they do them from dark to after midnight.

    1. They're still setting them off after dark - ear plugs are my friend :-) Tessa is a special girl for sure.

  5. If I were younger, I would love to climb that cool looking tree :-) Sorry your friends had to leave early. Great excuse for another meeting in the near future. My favorite aquarium photos are the otter and the colorful tide pool (last one). Yes, Tessa is special indeed :-) Rufus was NOT a happy doggie on the 4th :-(

    1. The branches are further apart than they look so I'd need to be much taller too! I was surprised at how big those otters are - almost as big as seals. Poor Rufus :-(

  6. Bummer your friends had to leave because Newport is awesome. I loved the aquarium.

    1. Still can't believe we didn't get our week together! The aquarium is really well done.

  7. Oh, such a bummer that your friends couldn't stay and play with you in Newport. But it sounds like you're having a grand time anyway. You got some great photos at the aquarium -- that otter face is adorable! And love the underside of the sea stars. We didn't see the giant octopus when we were there. So we need to return. :-) We enjoyed the excellent food at Local Oceans, too. And the view of the harbor!

    1. So glad you recommended Local Oceans, it was my very favorite since we got to the coast. The Aquarium was great fun even with the crowds.

  8. I am really impressed with the many aquarium photos...absolutely beautiful Jodee!