Friday, January 26, 2018

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

January 19-26, 2018
Valencia, California

Sometimes two negatives create a positive. Of course, there's still the two negatives to deal with :-(

The weekend starts out perfect with Ezra coming to visit. He and PopPop play with his new Lego's and he and I spend some time at the playground. He is so smart and delightful, and we love every minute we get to spend with him.

Ezra loves playing with his PopPop.

Nothing better than a big pile of clean sand to climb!





This would be great for playing in that sand!
Sunday we're invited to Travis and Emily's (engaged, wedding in June) to watch the NFL playoffs, but I'm feeling like a cold is coming on and figure staying home is best for me. 

I've never thought of corn chips as dangerous, but when I bite into one I feel and hear a gun shot go off in my mouth! I broke my tooth? Having never had a cavity or root canal, I guess this is going to be bad.

The pain is bearable overnight, and Monday my dentist office is able to get me an afternoon appointment. My regular dentist, who I adore, doesn't see patients on Mondays, but when I'm waiting for his brother and partner he comes in to see me. Such a considerate professional.

He confirms that the tooth has broken in half. A perfectly healthy tooth, maybe I grind my teeth? Fortunately an appointment has opened up first thing in the morning, and I can get the extraction and implant done in one surgery. Not something I look forward to.

All goes well, no pain, no anxiety, still surgery. I sleep for most of the next two days. Remarkably I have zero pain. Without pain meds. None!

Definitely a negative, on top of the negative of our delay. But, without that delay we would have been in Morro Bay, away from my regular dentist, and I doubt I would have had such a positive outcome.

By Thursday I'm ready to get out of the house. Missing our two weeks at the beach, I realize it will be a long time before our travels bring us back to the ocean. It's less than an hour away, so we take the drive to Ventura.

On the way we check out the RV park we'll be staying at for the June wedding, then find a dog friendly stretch of beach near a small marina. It's very windy, and gets colder while we enjoy watching the crashing waves. Unfortunately it's not a place where Tessa can do zoomies. There's lots of other dogs, and leashes required.

Large rocks protect the shore from the pounding waves.

Ezra would love playing in this ship!

Scorched hills behind Ventura already showing signs of new grass.

The Mermaid of Sorta Point

We could watch the waves crash for hours - if not for the cold wind!
Having gotten a small ocean fix, we head back and visit Ezra and his mommy. He loves to entertain us, and is most happy when he makes us laugh. Starting to speak in full sentences now, he is such a character. 

We're treated to a fiery sky on our way home.
Friday Brian, Shalise, Jeff and Ezra join us for taco lunch at our place. It's chilly outside so we hang out and visit. And I finally get another family pic for my desktop! The last one was from June 2016 so I'm very happy to get an updated one :-)))




  1. Ugh to the tooth ordeal, glad it was so successful and yea to more family time!

  2. Don't you get the feeling that things were meant to be! Good you did have the part delay when your tooth broke. Glad all went well:) It's fun enjoying Ezra through your eyes. Your pure joy comes through in your narrative. He is so cute. Looks like a great day at the ocean!! Love to hear the crashing waves:)

    1. I often shake my head at the serendipity of things that happen in this life. Reminds me to take a deep breath when things goes wrong :)

      More Ezra time has definitely been a plus!

  3. Total bummer about your tooth yet glad you were so close to your dentist. Great trip to the beach even if windy. In the long run this delay has offered lots of family time. Ezra just keeps getting cuter.

  4. Corn chips, huh? Bummer :-( But I'm glad it turned out okay. We've had to 'give up' many crunchy foods too. Even hard apples have to be eaten with caution... Ice cream isn't so bad though :-))

  5. Ezra is an absolutely darling little boy. How wonderful to get to spend time just being with him. Celia also seems to love to make us laugh and like Ezra, she’s quite a card. We try not to tell her how “cute” she is every other sentence. Bet you have that problem too. Really nice family picture.

    Your easy crown experience is amazing as is the fact that you went so far in life with not even one cavity. How in the world did you do it? No sweets probably and religious brushing and flossing right? I'm great at the latter two but completely fail the sugar part. How did the Dentist explain a perfectly healthy tooth just breaking in half on a corn chip?

    Beautiful shots of the light on the water and of the waves. Few things beat a beach fix other than grandchildren of course.

    1. No crown, he put in an implant "post" that they'll attach a new "tooth" to when we come back in June. I didn't start flossing with any regularity until a few years ago, so probably just good dental genes :-) I wish I could avoid the sugar monster! Yes, we catch ourselves over "cute-ing" Ezra :-)))

  6. I never tire of seeing your Ezra posts, Jodee. :)

  7. Too bad your first big dental issue had to be an extraction and implant, but good that you were near a dentist you know and trust.
    Ezra is very cute!

    1. I think it might have helped that I didn't have any "bad history" with my teeth :)

  8. Wow, that must have been quite a shock to crack a tooth in half on a corn chip!! So glad that you were near your dentist and that the implant procedure went so well. And what a joy to have this extra time with Ezra. That photo of him sitting on the sofa snuggled up next to Bill -- that just makes me smile. :-))

  9. Love your pictures of Ezra! So glad your delay was where the dentist is...and way happy you had no pain and all is good. I’m with were where you needed to be! I could sit and watch/ listen to the ocean for hours too Jodee!