Monday, May 13, 2019

Catching Up With California Family

April 24-27, 2019
Fresno - Santa Clara, California

It's an easy drive to Fresno where we set up in our cousin's huge side yard for a couple nights of moochdocking. Like last time we were here, it's very hot :-( Unlike last time, we remember to run the generator so we can have a few hours of AC for good sleeping temps :-)

First priority is visiting Bill's mom. She's in good spirits and so happy to see us. 

Mom - 94 years young.
The evening is spent with Cousin Cindy and her family, including Mom's sister, Aunt Kathy. It's always a good time to get caught up with this busy family. Cindy's husband Kurt is days away from getting his doctorate so there is a sense of celebration (we learn days later he has successfully defended his dissertation and will graduate - congrats Dr Sterling!)

I take advantage of being in a good size city, and spend Thursday running errands. Always happy when there's a Trader Joe's! 

The best breakfast place in the country is here, and we enjoy scrumptious choices at Benediction! It started out as a food-truck and is now one of the most popular stops in town. Seriously, if you're in the area for any reason, this is a must-do.

Don't you want to eat here?

A most decadent breakfast - 1/2 eaten later.

Piper getting a little TLC.
While I'm making several stops around town, Bill spends the day with his mom. Her hearing is worse so communication is challenging, but they enjoy just having the time together. At 94, we recognize that each time could be the last. 

Precious times.
We spend a few more hours with the cousins - Cousin Terry joins us too - and then we call it a night.

Cindy and two of her three boys - yes, more boys!
Friday's drive is another short one so the three hours it takes to get my prescription refilled isn't as annoying as it might otherwise be. Still, I'm happy when we can finally head out at noon.

Finding an RV park near Santa Clara is challenging - and once successful is very expensive. I was able to get a couple nights at Coyote Valley ($70/night), and we get set up in the tightest site we've ever had. Our motorhome door opens inches from the Jeep, but we make it work. The much cooler temps help our attitude.

We're supposed to meet our good friend from high school for dinner, but she's a no-show. We find out the next day she was with her daughter post medical procedure. Plan B for Sunday morning!

The main reason we're here is more family time - Bill's brother's kids all live in Santa Clara, and Saturday we get to spend the day with them! I fail to get pics of Josh who was doing the BBQ-ing, and Jessica's other two sons, Joseph and Noah (and Melissa's kids Lauren and Joey who weren't there). 

Bill and Melissa (niece)

Bill, Bobby (great nephew, son of Jessica), David (nephew) and Morgan (David's wife)

Morgan with Chloe and David

Kavan (Melissa's husband), Jessica (niece), Bill, Melissa, Morgan, David and Bobby

Tessa gets to know Chloe the Bearded Dragon - I missed Tessa giving her a kiss!
With Wayne's passing five years ago, Bill became the family patriarch and it means so much to him to stay in contact with Jessica, Melissa, David and their families. It was a fun day filled with lots of good food, laughter and a few tears.

Sunday morning Sandie comes for a couple hours. She was a big part of Bill's and my high school time, and we haven't seen her in way too long. Not sure we'll ever talk her into coming to the reunion :-(

Sandie and Bill - so many memories!
We'll continue north around the busy Bay Area to meet up with our traveling high school pals in a beautiful place on the water.


  1. We recently discovered Betabel RV Park. It's south of Gilroy so a bit of a drive to Santa Clara but it isn't jam packed. We'll be spending a few nights there soon as we have a job in the area. Great family time you've been having lately!

    1. We love the opportunities to see them whenever we can!

  2. Bill's mom looks wonderful! Nice that you do get to the area fairly frequently. Looks like a great family time. More memories to carry on the road.

    1. She's pretty amazing - still has a great sense of humor.

  3. Looks like great family time with the Fresno clan and friends.

  4. Such sweet family time, especially with Bill's mom. As you said, it's very precious time, knowing that each visit might be the last. I feel exactly the same about the time we spend with my folks. It's always hard to leave (and at the same time, I'm always ready to resume our lives!!).

    1. We're blessed in being able to spend time, and also to be able to move on.

  5. Family time is priceless especially as our folks age.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of family smiles.

  7. So many memories being made, Jodee. Glad you were able to visit with Bill's mom. My kind of temps!

    1. Means a lot to us to have that time.

      Oh man, you can have that heat! Of course we've had it our whole lives, while you had all that snow :-)