Thursday, June 13, 2019

Taking Our Time in Oregon

June 4-11, 2019
Winchester Bay - Eugene, Oregon

A short drive north takes us to a lovely park on the water at Winchester Bay RV Resort. The small marina is surrounded by the Umqua River, the Oregon Dunes and the Pacific Ocean. The weather is beautiful with chilly breezes. 

Pretty views from our site.
Wednesday we're off to visit the youngest brother of the friend we just visited in Coos Bay - Pat and his wife Jen live in the little hamlet of Elkton.

The drive on Hwy 38 along the Umqua River is gorgeous! It's also devastated from the massive snow storm on February 24. Crews are cutting, chipping and hauling off massive trees that fell from the heavy weight of the snow. It looks like a hurricane came through here, but there was no wind, just the crazy amount of snow. 

It's a great visit with these two good friends. Their home and garden are lovely. During the big storm they lost power, and Jen's description of the sounds of trees snapping and exploding, and large rocks crashing down hills overnight is terrifying! Power was out for 97% of the residents for 18 days. All from a storm no one knew was coming.

The garden is looking good now that all the tree fall is cleaned up.

Doesn't take long to find the best seat on the deck.

Pat, Bill and Jen
We spend the rest of our time exploring the surrounding area, and taking a day trip to Florence. This is a favorite area with lakes and forests, rivers and wildlife, beaches and marinas. Sadly, our favorite eatery in Florence, The Maple Street Grille, is no longer open :(

The Umqua River

Glimpses of shoreline from the dunes trail.

Finally dropping a hook in the water.

Long lake grass.

A fraternity herd of young bulls at Dean Creek Elk Meadow.

Scottsburg Bridge

Winchester Bay Marina
Eugene, Oregon, is the first large town we've been to in weeks and is a great opportunity to take care of some errands. We also have one planned, and one surprise meet-up! 

Hwy 126 is a nice drive, and we set up at Armitage County Park where the temps are significantly higher. We've stayed here before and like the large spaces, FHUs, and proximity to town. This time it's especially nice because my BFF and her husband are here as well! It just happened our paths crossed - yay! They leave the next day, but we'll catch up with them for ten days in Newport over the July 4th holiday.

Nick and Odie

Bill, Janis, Nick and Jodee - can't wait to spend more time together!
We have to move for our last couple nights - the drive to just past the blue bin on the right is our shortest ever move :-)
Errands are a necessity, but one I'm looking forward to is a massage! Unfortunately, they screw up my appointment and I'll have to wait. Damn! The day gets better when we visit Marge and Linda just out of town.

Marge is mother to our Tombstone friend Donnie, and his brothers Turk and Pat who we saw last week. Linda is their sister! A wonderful family we adore.

Bill, teeny-tiny Marge, Linda
Bill was at Marge's house all the time through high school, and the stories have us all laughing for hours. It's the first time either of us have seen Linda since she graduated a few years before we did. Great fun for all of us to get caught up.

This is not a great week to be inland with a heat wave pressing down on the west. But we're off to Bend for a week, an area of Oregon that's new for us.


  1. Tessa looks so relaxed on that chaise lounge. “Bring me a foo-foo drink, Mom.” 🐶

  2. Uh-oh. I don't like hearing that there's a heat wave in Oregon in early June. :-( Hope it cools off for you in Bend. If you have time, visit Sisters—it's a cool little town and not too far from Bend.

    1. The weather is cooling down next week and then we'll be back on the coast for the 4th - but Bend has been pretty warm. Definitely checking out Sisters!

  3. In the state park at Florence we acquired an unwanted stowaway--a pack rat! Seems that state park is notorious for those icky critters. Love the elk photos.

  4. Our last visit to Eugene a couple years ago for some MH maintance had us there with 100+ degrees. Since it was discovered that we need a new turbo that had to be ordered, we left and headed to Florence to wait for the part. Only in the 60's there and we had to wear jackets. Much better! It was our first Florence visit. Hope you enjoy Bend! A fun place. Love that young bull elk herd.

    1. The difference in temps inland is really significant!! We picked the hottest week for the beginning of our time "over there" :-( It is nice to have the cool coast close by!

  5. Oregon is on my radar for a place I want to visit. Guess we'll have to send our work info up that way...

    1. It's very diverse between the amazing coast and the geologic wonders of the Central and Eastern areas. You'll love it!!