Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She Can Be Taught

and so can Tessa.

Yes, we have concluded that Tessa will go potty away from the privacy and comfort of her own backyard.  We're so proud.  And relieved (pun sort of intended).  There was even a single incident of said act being performed while on a leash!  This is particularly good news given the likelihood that during our travels there will be multiple locations requiring "potty-while-on-leash" skills.  We will continue to work on this until expert status is achieved. It is still not a quick activity. The real challenge has turned out to be distraction more than privacy.  Dogs barking blocks away, birds singing, children laughing - this dog takes "Squirrel!!" to a whole new level.  I need to learn the command for "FOcus" or get her some earmuffs. Then there's the sniffing.  Same piece of turf she just covered a couple hours ago, but must check for signs of vermin.  As a Wheaten Terrier I understand it is in her DNA, but Tessa got extra where her "squat-and-go" strands should have been! Damn good thing she's so cute.

Stop typing and pet me
However, Tessa is not the big story here.        Humor me.
I also can "be taught."  After 40 years of unlimited vehicular-independence I am truly comfortable with our having only one car.  Planning which days I have the car to run errands or go play is very do-able.  The transition has been an easy one so far, and having that extra money each month makes it even easier.  Nice to get a "raise" for doing less!  Admittedly there have been no urgent needs for transportation, no maintenance issues with the Jeep, no last minute opportunities missed - so easy is relevant. I did worry about feeling a loss of independence.  No longer working, no longer having my "own" car.....those are some big life-changes in less than two years. I think timing is key. When you're ready, and it's on your own terms, these changes are pretty smooth.  Knowing I could go back to work or get another car, that I made the choice to give up both, maintains my feeling of independence and enables me to really enjoy the change. 
It is these somewhat simple "accomplishments" that keep me sane during the last months before we launch.  Looking back I guess they will seem silly and unimportant, but today they keep me moving forward.


  1. Progress, progress! Good for Tessa!

  2. You are definitely in the exciting time before the fabulous life begins. Tessa is absolutely darling.