Friday, March 21, 2014

The Lure of Windows 8.1

The ease of Windows 8.1 makes me skeptical. If it's this easy for me to navigate then there must be some inherent flaw in the system. I have never enjoyed learning new technology, and was really dreading 8.1 on the new laptop. Before picking it up I read a couple articles on the significant differences between 7 and 8.1.

The really big difference was the look. Designed for touchscreen computers/tablets, 8.1 opens to a bright page of multi-colored tiles. As a very visual person this immediately appealed to me.  On my 17" Toshiba it's pretty sweet.

From Google Images

I wanted another laptop, not a tablet, so I definitely didn't want a touchscreen. Still, the articles indicated the system was pretty intuitive for a keyboard and mouse. Since I wasn't learning it for a job and could take my time, I figured I'd actually follow the tutorial and learn how everything works. I was prepared to take a couple days.

Within an hour it was already easier to use than Windows 7, and I never opened the tutorial. After a week its like I've always used this system. I've tried new Apps and customized a few things and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Enjoying a new operating system? Agreeing with my techie-geek sons that it's easy to navigate? I suspect the earthquake this week is related to this shift.....

No I haven't figured out everything and really should do the tutorial to learn the stuff I don't even know is there. That would also be a first. I didn't use all the features on my clock radio in the '70's and haven't made my way through half of what my IPhone is capable of today. Still this 8.1 has me intrigued with its simplicity and I am lured in to find out more. Perhaps that's the answer to this phenomenon? The technical equivalent of catnip in the program!

I probably should be appalled at such a thought - the intrusive mind-altering gall of such a plot! Instead I'm thinking "Wow, good job. Wish you'd done this earlier so I could have enjoyed your other systems!"

Note to family and friends: If I start using technical terms and recommending cool apps please have me tested.




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