Friday, August 14, 2015

Sometimes It's Hard to Remember Where You Were

Downloading photos from the camera this afternoon and I asked Bill "Where was that place with the little beach on the Strait with RV's parked in the middle....?"

It's only been a few days, but he had to look at the map for us to remember it was Fort Worden State Park! Not that it was any less memorable than any other place we've been, but we've seen SO much!

Our last trip from Sequim (we moved to Gilgal Oasis RV Park for a couple days) took us east to Discovery Bay. A beautiful, large bay off the Strait at the intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 20.

Like many of the small lakes in Washington, Discovery Bay has very limited public access. Bill found us a road that went down a 15% grade to a private community with more No signs than I've ever seen. No Trespassing. No beach access. No parking. No, no, no! Beckett Point is a lovely spot that I'm sure they've paid a lot for the privilege of living in, although the community was pretty run-down for waterfront on the Strait.

Not a single "No photography" sign in sight

Beckett Point on Discovery Bay, WA
Then we went to that place. You know, Fort Worden!

Nice little beach with Mount Baker in the distance

Again, it's really there

Looking for her brothers who are hiding in the grass
By then we were nearly to Port Townsend so we found a nice spot to eat downtown and enjoyed lunch in a small slice of shade out front. Knowing we'd be back when we moved to Port Ludlow, we took a quick walk and then headed back.

For the first time since we got it, we watched the outdoor television for the Football Hall of Fame Game. Tacos, brews and football was a great combination until the setting sun made the screen impossible to see :-( . As a die-hard Steelers fan let me just say that we were trying out some new talent.

There is a football game on there, really
Our final day in Sequim was very warm (I just can't say hot when it's not over 90) and we spent a nice lazy day in the rig.

Gilgal is a nice, small park. It is close to Sequim's cute downtown, close to Hwy 101 without the noise, and immaculate. The hosts are super friendly, and it was full the whole time we were there. It is however, very tight on all four sides of your space. This is the first place we stayed where our rear neighbor's picnic table was just outside the bedroom slide window by the bed. Bill was dumping tanks next to our other neighbor's picnic table while they were having breakfast. He apologized, but they knew there was no alternative. We'd probably stay again but at least try for one of the pull-throughs on the outside row.

We woke up Sunday Wednesday knowing it was Ezra's birth day. It was also moving day and I figured we would get the word while on the road. With less than an hour's drive we didn't pull out until almost 11:00. 

No rain was forecast but it started just past Discovery Bay. And as we pulled onto Hwy 104, the sky lit up with lightening and we got the word at the same time. Ezra had arrived! The windshield wipers didn't work on my tears of joy, but traffic was light :-)

We pulled in at noon to Port Ludlow RV Park. I had a completely different picture in my head, even after a quick Google Earth peak a couple weeks ago. Rather than another park of concrete and symmetrically spaced sites, this is a lovely forest setting with great separation and spacious sites. FHUs, 30 amp.

Space 14 in the very far corner, waterfall trail at the back

Very private and very quiet
This is one of those parks I found because it was in the right spot for starting our eastward route with proximity to some of the islands. I also wanted to spend more time in Port Townsend. Now it's one to keep on the list.

It was still early so we decided to check out the new neighborhood.

Port Ludlow is a resort town with a beautiful marina, Inn, park and a pond where they looked to be racing remote-control sailboats. It's very pretty and very manicured. A little too Stepford Wives for me, but folks are very nice.

Per usual Bill looked at the map and told me where to go (he's quite good at this, enjoys it way too much).  We found two very small State Beaches with the strangest "beach" I'd ever seen. Rocks and lots and lots of shells. Clams, crabs, and huge oyster shells. Also lots of fishing boats seemingly piled there for whoever wants to fish, although I'm sure they belong to the many small properties along the dirt entry road.

The other end of Shine Tidelands is at the Hood Canal Bridge. That would be the floating bridge we will be traversing on Monday. I probably didn't really need to see it up close. The floating part up close.

Seems pretty sturdy........
Celebrated Ezra at the local Snug Harbor Café with delicious chowder, grilled shrimp and scallops, and a couple yummy Alaska Amber brews.

At least this is the way I remember it........


  1. It's a beautiful area. There's so much to see and do. Take your time and enjoy every day. Congrats again on the new grandbaby.

    1. Thanks Geri, we're still processing as you can imagine. I'm so glad we took this much time up here, and still we'll come back again to see even more - and revisit a lot of what we've enjoyed this summer.

  2. You do a good job with your blog and that will come in handy later to "remember" where you were,ate,stayed. Strange how its easy to forget, I guess there is only so much room in the noggin for beautiful. Enjoy!

    1. It's definitely the main reason I blog, so we can look back and remember where that waterfall was or where we were for Labor Day. Clearly we aren't going to remember without it! And yes, lots of beautiful :-)

  3. That's our kind of campsite too! I love it. I'll bet the tears were flowing. So exciting! Which way are you traveling to get to AZ?

    1. We're really loving it in this nice rain storm too :-) We will be in SoCal for son's wedding then head out I-10 all the way to Tombstone. There are friends to stop and see along that route. Then from there back to Ajo and Yuma on way to Borrego Springs for Christmas then Q in January.

  4. I have the same problem doing blogs about things we've already done. It all begins to get confusing. Every day is wonderful but which day was this again? Love all the water where you are. I'm missing the ocean and taking in every waterfall in the park. Boy is that campground at Port Ludlow terrific and what a site. Gorgeous and with a waterfall trial. Be still my heart! It's on my list now too. And thank YOU very much.

    1. When I read your waterfalls post I thought how much you'd love it here. It's been raining all day (finally) so we'll do the trail to the falls on Sunday. Host says in the Winter and Spring you can hear the water from this site (save #14 with the campground name). There are sooooo many bodies of water up here!

  5. It's really hard to remember every place when you go so many places! I can't tell you how much fun I have every few months when I sit down and just page back through the blog...memory lane!

    Lightning strikes and Ezra is born! Love it!

    1. Sometimes I'll go back and read the same date from one year ago, and now two years ago, to see what I was happening. I often think "I would never have remembered that" and am so glad I took the time to record it :-) Yep, pretty spectacular beginning!

  6. Isn't it amazing to be on a beach in summer with shorts on and look at the snow covered mountain! At least those of us from the east find it just fastinating.

    Love all the beach/water stops:) I do believe I see some color in that forest of trees!

    1. Even in SoCal I can't remember having both at the same time, even in driving distance. And that's a LOT of snow on that mountain! It's very cool.

      Yes, even with the warmer temps there are a few signs of color already. At the same time the wildflowers are still blooming - sort of the beach-snow thing except in the forest :-))))