Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Albuquerque - the Necessary and the Enlightening

We leave Santa Fe because we have an appointment.

Just out of Tombstone our windshield took a hit from a small rock. While in Roswell I contacted our insurance who scheduled a replacement in Albuquerque. That appointment is Thursday.

We arrive on time at 8 AM but of course we can't just leave it and go. The rubber seal was not sent with the windshield and adhesive, and I have to call the company because it's an insurance job. I get voicemail.

At breakfast I get a call back with promises that the part will be delivered on Friday, and the shop has already told us they can't get to it until Tuesday. We'll move the motorhome back to the park and start over next week.

Except when we return they have the rubber off the windshield and scaffolding set up. One of the owners thinks the existing rubber can be reused so we're back to our original plan. We appreciate that they want to get us back in our home tomorrow.

Anderson Glass in Albuquerque, NM
After the frustrating morning we head to the peace and quiet of Petroglyph National Monument.

At the visitors center we learn the park is in three different areas around Albuquerque - none of them at the VC. 

Boca Negra is the closest with two separate trails. The first one goes straight up a steep lava bed. My pulse rate elevates just looking at it. Let's take the other one!

We take our time finding numerous petroglyphs among the large lava rocks and tiny birds. The interpretive signs are interesting, sharing what is thought to be the meaning of what is told on the rock. It is called the Macaw Trail for the distinct drawing about midway through.

The most beautiful song from this little one
Nearly invisible among the bushes
Walking along the small wash and among the ancient rock art is enjoyable and calming, even with others on the trails. Looking in the other direction, the encroachment of suburbia is somewhat depressing.

Because our home has to stay overnight for the sealant to cure we brought our things to stay at a hotel. I have one criteria - a large bath tub!

We get a suite and the jacuzzi tub is almost too big. Still, I enjoy the long soak a Lot :-)))

We laugh at all the wasted space in these two rooms - more square footage than our home which we already miss.

Friday morning we partake of the free breakfast, take our time getting out the door, and drive around downtown and Old Town and by the Rio Grande. Our dear friend Lynn lived here for several years. We lost him to cancer a couple years ago, and are still sad that we can't surprise him at his home. 

His sister Stacy, also a good friend who lives in California, knows we're in the area and reaches out. Bill asks for Lynn's old address and we drive by.

Wishing he was there to greet us
It's noon and time to pick up the motorhome.

Except it's not ready. Arrrghh. The used rubber didn't seal properly, and when we arrive the new windshield is in, but they are removing the sealant to start over.

Fortunately the new rubber arrives as promised and we just have to stay in a hotel another night. Neither of us are happy at the delay, but we try to make the best of it.

Lunch at the new Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is very good and we take advantage of being at a small local museum. After a couple exhibits Bill and Tessa opt for relaxing in the Jeep.

But I enjoy this wonderful center filled with the pride of its people. History, artifacts, story-telling, art, and a great deal of information on the nine pueblos of New Mexico.

Lovely restaurant
Many talented artists are displayed
Tiny pieces I could fit in our home!
Woven artifacts from the pueblos

The exhibit space is nicely done
How we respond to challenges......
This painting took up an entire wall, and is my favorite
Beautiful alabaster sculptures in the small courtyard
Two large rooms explain the traditions and government of the nine pueblos - it is very well done
It all begins inside us
When you're in the Albuquerque area I strongly recommend taking the time to visit this newest addition. It is more than worth the $5 and 90 minutes.

Since we have to find a hotel for the night I suggest we find one close to good margaritas. As good a criteria as any I think. Bill finds that the Hotel Albuquerque's restaurant is known for its margaritas so that's where we go.

No exaggeration, their margaritas are the best I've had......so we have a few :-)
Our room is lovely, with city views we're no longer used to. It's a nice change, although we're anxious to get back to our own home.

Downtown Albuquerque
I like our other yard better
City lights under a bright moon
 We go to bed hoping for good news in the morning.


  1. I sure hope your windshield is in and working like a charm:) Nothing like having to move out of your home on wheels. We are certainly spoiled traveling with everything we need always with us.

    Thanks for introduction to the new park. I've never heard of Petroglyph NM.

    A large bathtub would be wonderful!!! That is something I miss in the MH. I think that may be the only thing I wish we had:)

    The Cultural Center looks like something I need to visit. Sounds like a beautiful and informative center.

    Yes, I'm sure Tessa was missing her usual yard. I like choosing the hotel based on the margarita!! Yum:)

    1. We did pick it up and it seems fine so far :-) You and John would totally love that mountain goat trail - and the other two areas have longer trails with over 400 petroglyphs. Yep, good margaritas is a sweet criteria :-)))))

  2. Pueblo Prophecy is one we could all learn from and try to emulate. Looks like NM we need to visit.

    Your criteria for a hotel is spot on, I do miss my jacuzzi and hot tub from our house but that's all.

    Hope your home is ready to roll today.

    1. I agree, lots of wisdom shared in their prophecies. And yep, tub is the only thing I miss from the S&B :-) We are happy to be back home!

  3. We've definitely taken hits in our windshield too. The inconvenience is no fun but we're thankful our insurance covers it. It's been a while since we've been back to Albuquerque.

    1. It's such a big target, we expect this won't be our last one. It's a nice big city, just a bit windy this time of year :-(

  4. Sorry about your windshield! Glad you are enjoying NM.!!I love the state!! Be sure to check out the State Parks :)
    I'm with you on the margaritas!!!!:)

    1. We're on our way west tomorrow, planning to check out Bluewater Lake SP. We enjoyed Santa Rosa Lake SP last month. Oh man, those margaritas were great!!!

  5. I sure do enjoy your sense of humor and "criteria" when faced with the challenges of living in your rv...you guys have great attitudes and can make the best out of difficulties that come your way. Cute pix of Ms. Tessa.

    1. Thanks :-)))))) Figure we're lucky to have the life, even when it throws us some curves.

  6. Thanks for the tips on two places that are new to us -- Petroglyph NM and the Cultural Center. We tend to get distracted by all there is to do in Santa Fe, but Albuquerque obviously has some wonderful things to offer. We'll put it on our list. :-) Glad you had a big bathtub and a few margaritas to ease the trauma of being out of your home. I know the feeling…..

    1. I thought of you guys having to make the best of it for seven weeks!!!! There are some great things to do in ABQ next time you're in the area.

  7. Damn repairs. I've never even heard of Petroglyphs NM, going on my list, or seen a Macaw glyph. Bathtub is a word of magic for most RVers. The museum looks great. Hope your insurance co is picking up the tab. Including the margaritas.

    1. It's a pretty big NM for being so unknown - we'll be back to see the other parts for sure. Yep, insurance minus our deductible, and the room cost as well :-)

  8. Bummer about your windshield, but better to have it fixed right. Margaritas always help ;-) Sorry about missing your friend. That painting was beautiful. I've always liked the Indians beliefs over modern religion.

    1. I'm very much enjoying all the tribal lore and sacred sites this trip. Wish I could say the windshield was fixed right but more on that development later :-(((