Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Loving Santa Fe

We really love Santa Fe. Put-it-on-the-list love it.

I know the winters can get very cold, and the spring winds very brutal, but our ten days here have made us consider it as a place to land when we come off the road. 

The people are friendly, the culture diverse, the food delicious, the services plentiful, and the natural wonders spectacular. All of this, and the place just feels magical.

Our last few days are a combination of hanging out at our wonderful Site 18, and more exploring of the area.

A couple families are in the park and it is fun to watch the kids playing outdoors, running the hills, even doing archery with a portable target.

Tessa has a new channel to watch on her "dog tv"
We love this view from our windows
and our spacious patio
On weekends this is the playground - very entertaining
The Turquoise Trail is a wonderful 100-mile round trip from the RV park. A combination of beautiful scenery, artisan shops, galleries, tasty eateries, old buildings, pine forests, and red rocks - it is another perfect day trip.

Garden of the Gods - on private property
Historical Cerrillos, NM

Filming site for the movie Young Guns

Old gates with wonderful detail
Newer gates maintaining the tradition
Enormous old growth tree - at least 10' diameter
Artsy town of Madrid (MAD-rid)
Brunch at The Hollar - wonderful!
Dozens of shops and galleries in a one-mile stretch of Hwy 14
Epic views from Sandia Peak Ski Area
Majestic pine forest
Intense red rock
So many pretty colors
On our trip to Los Alamos last week we were "Wow'ed" by the huge canyons we drove above on our return route to Santa Fe. The rim road had no pull-overs on the "down" side, and we didn't see any side roads to take us into the canyons themselves. So we decide to return one afternoon just to take a closer look. We stop at every scenic turn-out, find a rim route with homes at the very edge, and take a different highway along the bottom to head back.

Massive canyon from the top
From the side - what a view!

From the bottom
It is easy to understand why ancient tribes chose the cliffs to carve out their dwellings in this area. But it is less so to figure out what drew government scientists to build high-security laboratories. Not that I begrudge them choosing such a lovely place to live and's just odd that they're here.

With a windshield replacement appointment waiting for us we must sadly leave Santa Fe for now. Next stop Albuquerque.


  1. Haven't explored Santa Fe. Sure looks worthy.

  2. We only spent a few days in Santa Fe on a motorcycle trip, but we felt the exact same way:) Great site:) Love Tessa's TV "show!" Thanks for tons of wonderful rock photos! I do love my rocks!!

    What happened to your windshield? I must have missed something. Hope the repair goes smoothly:)

    1. Kicked up rock gave us a nice crack at the bottom coming out of Tombstone. With the full size windshield a mobile repair wasn't possible so we set it up for ABQ where there was a shop Progressive uses. We pick it up tomorrow - tonight in a suite with a big tub!

  3. Santa Fe is on our schedule this Fall before we go to the Balloon Fiesta. Where are you staying in Santa Fe? Loving your blog.


    1. Hey Russ!! Santa Fe Skies RV Park just off Hwy 14/599 - ask for site 17, 18 or 19 to get the best views and large space. You'll love the area :-)

  4. We love Santa Fe, too! I've always thought it would be a place that I would enjoy living -- I told Eric that I at least want sometime to stay there for an entire year, to experience the town in every season and to be there for all of the various celebrations. Wonderful colorful photos of Madrid!

  5. New Mexico is one of the few states we have yet to visit. You sure are making us want to go there, Jodee! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks Jim - it is definitely a must see! Just not in deep winter or gusty spring :-)

  6. Santa Fe is a gem. Great photos.

  7. Santa Fe is on our list now. Stay amazing caves you found. Love it!

  8. It's been a long time since we've been to Santa Fe. I'm thinking it just might be time to think about going back!