Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Back Where We Started Three Years Ago

June 4-9, 2018
Morro Bay, California

Although we moved into the motorhome on May 31, 2015, we had to wait for completed repairs before we could spend our first night as traveling fulltimers.

That first night was at Morro Dunes RV Park in Morro Bay, California, and it was wonderful. 

A whole lot of wonderful has been our life for the last three years, and a series of circumstances brings us back to the same place where it all began. Bill also lived here in college, and we vacationed here with friends before we retired. So there are lots of great memories.

And perfect, nice cool weather - heavenly coastal weather.

We're only able to get weekdays, and the last site next to the maintenance shop up front. As is often the case with those "less than desirable spots", there's a silver lining.

We have the only site with a view of the water from our front window. 
After months in the desert and a couple weeks on asphalt, Tessa is overdue for some zoomies. And the beach is her favorite place to do them!

Cayucos Beach is  fluffy-dog-friendly.

I love seeing her so happy!

Thanks for bringing me to the beach Dad!

More Sand Pipers than people - our favorite kind of beach.
After checking out the zebra herd along Highway 1 (the remaining animals from the short-lived Hearst animal park), Bill suggests we take a right out of San Simeon State Park. The narrow road takes us into the hills along Simeon Creek. We eventually climb to 1775 feet to view the beautiful oak-covered golden hills. Very different from the surf just a short time and a few miles away.

Too far to capture a clear shot.

The hills are covered in layers of wildflowers.

Rich yellow blooms along a fence.

This cactus is the size of the Jeep.

Tall gold waves in the breeze.
A freshly painted barn stands atop the hill.

Hmmmm, think it happens often????
Bill's most favorite-ist place is Montana de Oro, south of his alma mater, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After breakfast at another favorite, The Apple Farm, we head to the cliffs.

The walls are decorated with over a hundred different apple crop labels.

I love this print in their cute gift shop.
We stood here a long time.

Mother Nature on crafts day.

A sweet little Myers Minor

The Sooner Ranch.

The variety of wild blooms is spectacular along the coast.
Over the dunes, and across the bay - Morro Rock.
Thursday we laze around all day, enjoying the cool ocean breezes, and the quiet of a park where everyone has gone to the beach. I wake up the next morning with vertigo so forego our own walk out to the shore. Instead we take a drive out to Lopez Lake to visit an old route Bill took decades ago. It doesn't look like it's changed much. Still rural with beautiful trees and cliffs above the lake. It warms up fast! After a couple hours of exploring we're back home where I lie down for the rest of the day.

Feeling much better on Saturday morning, we pack up and retrace the beautiful drive back to Valencia. It's our three year anniversary - June 9 - and we're looking forward to many more years on the road!

Now it's time to get those doctor appointments out of the way, and a little more time with the family before we finally head north.


  1. I can't say Montna de Oro is my favorite place, but when the 'mountain of gold' comes alive in the spring, it's hard to beat. Made it as far as Lompoc last month, but a left turn there would have added a lot to the trip.
    Congrats on your 3rd year on the road milestone! Looking forward to many more of your adventures.

    1. I agree the spring bloom is pretty amazing there!

  2. Ahhhhh, the memories! How sweet to be back where you first started this wonderful life style! I know exactly how Tessa feels! As much as I love the desert, I can’t wait to get back to the beach in January. Love the orange wildflowers...so pretty!

    1. It's a grand life when we can enjoy the desert and the beach for extended periods of time - and all the other beauty in between!

  3. I love the beach, the Cowboy not so much. The wildflowers are stunning everywhere this year!

    1. Your annual friends gathering should always be at the beach :-))) I agree - from the saguaros to the poppies, it's been a great year for flowers!

  4. Boy, that three years went by quickly! Congrats! What a great place to be int he summer with the heat. I so enjoy being on a cliff and over looking the wide expanse of water. Beautiful:) This is on my list for next year. So nice to see Tessa having such a good time zooming around the beach. She was most definitely happy;) Hope all goes well with your doctor visits.

    1. I still can't believe it's been that long! We've been on the road a year longer than we lived in the house we sold, doesn't seem possible. After this summer across the northern states we'll likely stay on the coast for the future hot months. It's really hard to beat!


  5. Those are the longest billed sandpipers I’ve ever seen. And Zebra’s in an RV blog is a first for me. Love Tessa’s zoomies and every single picture of that beautiful beach. Vertigo sounds awful. I hope that’s a rare thing for you. Given that I hate GPSes and think they are more often wrong than right, I LOVED that sign. Oh my, 96 degrees. Sure hope everything goes quickly so you can get yourselves north of those temps.

    1. I'm horrible at knowing birds so they could be Dowitchers - there are about nine with those long bills. We're still on track to move on Saturday :-)

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been three years already since you started your full-time travels....so many wonderful adventures, and so many more to come. Montana de Oro is one of our favorite spots on the California coast, too. Love the photos of Tessa doing zoomies!

    1. Even when we visit Bill's old job or see people I used to work with, we can hardly remember that "before" life :-) Definitely Tessa's happy place!

  7. Tessa is cleared for takeoff on runway beach-niner! Happy anniversary you two. 💕❤️ The coast looks divine!

  8. Wow, full circle. Hard to believe it's been three years already. Nice to see that happy Tessa on the beach. And all those flowers are spectacular.

    1. It has gone by very fast!!! I love those orange beauties.