Saturday, June 9, 2018

And Then They Said 'I Do'

May 22 - June 3, 2018
Valencia, CA

We're still in the south because our number five, Bill's number three, is getting married the first weekend of June. I also need to get my dental implant completed. Hoping to check with my doctor about the annoying itching, we come back to Valencia a week earlier than planned.

It turns out I can't get doctor and allergist appointments until the middle of the month so we add a few days on the coast, and fill our days with lots of Ezra time and visits with our six boys.

We land back at Valencia Travel Village on my 62nd birthday (woohoo Social Security!!). There's a cancellation and we're able to stay through the Memorial Day weekend without having to move parks. Ezra comes to hang out for the afternoon and we are delighted with how delighted he is to spend time with us. Travis, the groom-to-be joins us for awhile, and then we meet up with Ezra's parents and his Uncle Jeff for dinner.

The very best birthday present.

Keeping each other busy.

The face of an angel....and Ezra :-)
When we're back with our family, the days seem to run into each other. Time is filled with errands around town and into Los Angeles, gatherings at the RV park and pool, dinners in and out with whoever can get time from their busy schedules, and getting necessary and un-necessary shopping done.

Jeff, Ezra and I time our return from Los Angeles to join a few thousand of our friends on Interstate 5.

Bill, Brian, Kristy, Corey, Jeff and Travis

Travis and Emily make a hop scotch game and everyone joins in.

Ezra, Emily and Autumn (friend Scott's daughter)

Ezra getting Auntie Em hugs.

Scott takes us to visit a sweet piece of property his family purchased nearby.

Scott (our seventh son) and Bill.

Scott takes us on a tour in their ATV.

The views from the fire road above their property are expansive.
Very interested in big people talk.

Ezra loves his PopPop so much!

Tamayo's is a historic restaurant in East L.A., filled with the art of Mexican modern artist Rufino Tamayo.

I love this art on the restroom doors!

We're here to meet up with our friends (Bill's best friends from college) Lori and Steve who are our mailing address elves. 

Brian and Ezra at the pool. Nothing more wonderful than seeing your child loving their child.

Mommy Shalise splashing with Ezra.

Learning why you keep your mouth closed in the pool.

All that fun is very tiring!
I get my teeth cleaned and scanned for the implant. They also find another chipped tooth so I'll get that filled when they "install" the implant. Oh joy. Again, I'm glad we're here to get it done.

Before we know it the big day is here and we move west about 30 minutes to Santa Paula. The wedding is at a beautiful venue in Camarillo and Mountain View RV Park puts us much closer for all the activities. It's a very tight, all asphalt, park that works for our needs.

We're not here for the views.
The rehearsal and dinner is a great opportunity to see more family and get caught up before the next day's more formal event. We get some time with the other grandson, Maximus, who is getting so big and starting to talk more. Such a sweet little boy.

Emily and her parents.

Unloading refreshments for Saturday....

Maximus blowing kisses.

Josh, Joseph and nephew David looking just like his late dad, Wayne.

Niece Jessica and Maximus.

A rare Richie sighting. Our number six, Bill's number four.
Marvella Gardens is a stunning venue in the foothills of Camarillo, California. Although a tad warm in the late afternoon sun for the bride and her attendants, it's a perfect day under blue skies. The bridal party is beautiful, the music delightful, the meal scrumptious, and the speeches heartfelt. Fresh made donuts are a fun change from traditional cake. Travis and Emily are so excited to be husband and wife at last, and we are thrilled to have her in the family.

Trying to hold it together when he sees his bride for the first time.

Tears of joy

Love and laughter.

Mr and Mrs Gravel

Enchanted by his aunt and uncle.

That look.....

Brian and Shalise
Proud dad.
Niece Melissa, Cousins Cindy and Terry, and Niece Jessica

Corey (our number three, Bill's number two), Kristy and Bill.
Cousin Cindy gets a bunch of us together for breakfast on Sunday morning, and then we're home for a long nap. We've loved having this family time, now we're off to spend some alone time at the beach where we started our fulltime life three years ago.

Corey, Kristy, Cindy, Josh, Bill, Jessica, Noah, Joseph, Morgan, David and Terry

Fluffy wedding guest.


  1. What a wonderful wedding and family time making unforgettable memories:) Beautiful photos of your family and very sweet grandsons:) Tessa got all cleaned up for the big day and is looking especially fluffy. But not one Jodie photo:( Hope all goes well with your dental and doctor visits and you finally get an answer for the itching.

  2. Such a delightful family occasion, plus so many visits. Bill dresses up very nice but I agree with John and Pam that you are missing from any of these pics. Be well, hope the doctor appointments all go well.

    1. I'll try to remember to include the family pics with me when I get them from the couple :-))) Doctor tomorrow!

  3. Family! What else is there to say? Except be well when all is done.

  4. What a beautiful wedding and joyous celebration! Bill looks so handsome—but I was hoping to see a photo of you, too! Then again, I know you're the one always behind the camera documenting all of the memories. :-) Love all of the love that you capture.

    1. Yes, I much prefer being the photographer than the subject :-)

  5. Love those big smiles. What a beautiful wedding and celebration of love. Ezra and Maximus are so cute and growing like weeds! So many memories made. I so agree with you that it is an amazing thing to see your child loving their child! P

    1. It's been delightful to spend time with all of them - and seeing them all so happy!

  6. Definitely a gorgeous wedding. I hate the I5 traffic. We do what we can to avoid it but not always possible.

    1. I've driven in it so much I just lean back and be grateful it's now a rare occasion!

  7. What a fun post, Jodee! So much joy. :). Happy birthday, by the way!

    1. Thanks Jim - looking forward to that first SS check next month :-)) We definitely had a lot of fun.

  8. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time with family, and those grandkids are growing up way too fast. Hopefully you are now free to move about the country. :)

  9. Oh trips into L.A. how awful! Love that Fluffy and Ezra. Hop Scotch, what fun. I want to see you play. Such a great picture of Ezra and his dad. Love Maximus blowing kisses. So cute. Lovely wedding pictures. Great idea – donuts! Bill is looking spiffy. Corey and his dad are look alikes. Seriously! Mighty fine family time! I know you cherish every moment. Oh and Happy Birthday and congrats on making it to Social Security while it’s still here. Next to the National Parks I think it’s the country’s best idea. Oh and Medicare, that terrible socialist program.