Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Weekend of 2016

Continuing our fun in the desert, Saturday we follow our friends' two Razors out to the Weeping Woman in the Chuckawalla Mountains, south of I-10. The Jeep handles the sand and rocks of the well worn trail, keeping up with the smaller vehicles. It is SO much fun!

Weeping Woman 
Interesting rocks surround us
Boys and toys
Following the Razors on the dirt trail
Me, Bill, Coy, Patty, Tommy, Shirlene, Jimmy and Maggie
Love this gal!
Maggie and Jimmy
Shirlene and Tommy
Back at the house, we hang out with the pups and visit while dinner cooks. When the sun goes down we leave the fire to the guys while the women hang out inside and solve all the problems of the world.....

We  love it here
Tessa explains to Molly who's daddy that is
Hours of this with high-speed runs in between
Coy and Patty
Sunday morning I wake up in time for a beautiful sunrise over the lake out our door.

It's been a perfect holiday with friends, and it's time to head east again. We can't wait until the others are no longer returning to work on Mondays! At least we'll get to see them all in Laughlin this Spring. Instead of getting back on I-10, we turn north on Hwy 177 toward Parker, AZ.

I traveled in a school bus on this road for my four years of high school. 50 miles each way between Iron Mountain Pumping Station and Eagle Mountain every day! The road has changed a little in 40+ years - all but one of the small businesses and farms are gone, and there's now a Desert Lily Preserve - but the vistas are the same, and the road is still narrow.

Lots of vehicles returning from the Colorado River, this route still gets a lot of use. With people passing in blind sections and very soft sand on both sides I am definitely focused on the road in front of me. We'll come back this way while we're here so I can enjoy the memories. We pull off at Big River around 1 PM, after just an 80 mile drive. 

The combination of sad older homes off the highway and the million dollar properties along the river is extreme. The roads are rough, there are no businesses. Big River is a "development" south of Parker, AZ, but nothing commercial remains - just homes and a river-front park.

And the Rio del Sol RV Haven is not at all what I am expecting. 90% permanents, this is really a trailer park. Vehicles line the rows making driving through the park very tight. But not as tight as the actual sites. We are packed in with our neighbor's picnic table under our slide. And the residents all come to look at us like we're from another planet. It's weird.

We're not on the water, but just several yards from it. There's lots of people, but they're all very nice. We're booked here for 12 nights, but we're not going to stay more than a couple days. We have no internet or cell coverage at all :-(  I start checking for another place in the area.


  1. Looks like a fun crowd and drive. Love those colorful lake shots.

    1. I never tire of that little lake at sunrise :)

  2. Great sunrise photos, Jodee. Love the photos of Tessa, also. :)

  3. I like your flexible approach -- Rio de Sol isn't what you expected, so you start checking out other options. Other than that little glitch, it looks like you started off 2016 in the absolute best way -- in a gorgeous place, celebrating with good friends. Cheers ! :-)

    1. We're definitely loving how our new year is starting! We couldn't see ourselves staying there, and ended up finding a perfect (and really cheap) alternative just up the river!

  4. Love that you are up to show me those gorgeous sunrises. Fabulous pictures. Wow, 50 miles on a school bus. That would be over an hour. Glad to read of the better campground. Nice going!

    1. Least I could do with all you've shared with me :-) Those bus trips were quite the experience - we did have A/C the last two years.

  5. How pretty to wake up to that awesome sunrise... Safe travels. Xoxox