Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If All Homes Were on Wheels NO One Would Be in the Southwest This Week!

Yes, it's summer.  Yes, it's supposed to be hot in July.  No, we do not live on the face of the sun so this heat wave is ridiculous!  Records are being broken in Death Valley and Las Vegas and Phoenix - and Boise, Idaho.  Apparently no place west of the Rockies is safe. I worry about the plain states as this high pressure system moves east.....and will also be relieved to see it move out of our area.  Sadly we will always be reminded of this period with the tragic loss of 19 firefighters in Arizona who perished fighting to save the town of Yarnell.  15 of them in their twenties and all known and loved in their community, it is very sad.

When we are on wheels we will spend our summers in the Pacific Northwest or in the higher regions of the Rockies.  Temps along the Oregon coast have stayed in the 70's this week with rain and fog as well.  Sounds like heaven.

The weekend in Laguna was wonderful and just what I needed to sate those itchy feet for a bit.  We hiked the Laguna Headlands and spent time at the cottage reading and beading and enjoying the catharsis that is girl-talk.  Although Laguna Beach is very crowded this time of year and the residential area where we stayed is jammed with houses, our little cottage was a wonderful and homey retreat.  The patio and small garden area are particularly inviting and relaxing. [Photos thanks to Michelle because I still can't remember to take them!]


Wrapped up the time in San Juan Capistrano in a delightful area of old residences near the train station that many have turned into lovely artisan shops. My favorite kind of place to spend time browsing and shopping and little buying. 

And of course the best part of being away from home and the man you love is coming back to both!  We had fun stories to share with each other and got excited about traveling together all over again. 

This weekend we head to Clearlake, CA for the July 4th holiday with family.  Wayne (Bill's big brother) and his wife Marilynn have a great little place on the keys and we are looking forward to a nice visit.  We are flying most of the way then renting a car in Sacramento so it doesn't really qualify as a road trip.  Yet we will see things we haven't seen and do things we haven't done and enjoy being together with family. 

The road beckons, as do the cooler temps..........