Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Cold Catch-ups from Tombstone

 January 11 - 25, 2023
Tombstone, Arizona

Not sure if I'm somehow worried about 2023, but this is the first new year in a long time where I'm having trouble remembering to write 23 instead of 22. With all the catch-up medical appointments I'm filling out more paperwork than usual so you'd think I'd have it correct nearly a month in. Nope, did it again just yesterday. 

I'm sure it isn't age related.......

Lots of good intentions on my part for getting things done outside but our January has been cold, cold, cold. Our night time lows have been under 30 for ten days with another week of the same forecast. The mostly sunny skies are deceptive as one step outdoors and I'm making a mad dash back inside - especially when the wind's blowing too! We did get snow overnight a couple days ago with some of it still sticking in the shade of the front yard today. 

Monday morning snow.

All of our kids except two are in SoCal where weather has been a big factor as well. The missing rains of the last several years all showed up at the same time with devastating impact. Fortunately none of the family has had any damage. Brian has been working 90% remotely which is a good thing as his commute is on "the Grapevine", Interstate 5. Living in the mountains means their rain is often snow.

When water moves the earth.

Ezra enjoys a snow day.

Elliott ready to throw his snow ball.

I did get out to spend a fun afternoon with fellow RVers learning how to do needle-felting. We started out with squares and moved on to first steps for making small animals. I'm hooked and looking forward to doing more! Rebecca reserved the little meeting space for weekly get-togethers, so should be a great addition to my slow winter "schedule". I'm sure I'll be an expert after next week so I'll try to remember to get pics :-))

Bill's MOHs procedure went quickly with them finding no other spots. For a little place, they made a big cut - looks like I cleaved him with an axe! Nope, no pics of that either. 

Even with the cold, Rebecca and I are ready for a day out and about. Layered and wrapped, we make the beautiful drive to Tubac. Even though we've been before, there always seem to be places we missed the last time. And the galleries change offerings so that the ones we've seen are still new. Although cold, the sun is bright and it's a beautiful day to wander among the wonderful adobe and stone buildings. 

The paddles on this Prickly Pear are larger than serving platters!

Pre-festival week days are perfect for avoiding the large crowds.

I bet you can guess the title of this one.

I fell in love with these two.

Many galleries have artists who have captured native themes in a variety of ways. I love the colors in this table piece. 

The temperature difference is extreme between the sun and shade. The dapples bring the art outside.

Just more room in the Jeep and more padding in the bank and these cuties would have come home with me!

Many of the galleries have vignettes as lovely as their art.

My anti-pasto lunch continued the "work of art" theme!

We each have a couple more medical appointments in the next month, and more fun is a planned trip to SoCal to see the family. Reservations are made and I can't wait to see them all!

Speaking of reservations I've also filled in some blanks for our spring/summer travels. Still finding places that are fully booked for the dates I wanted, but I've managed to get Memorial and Labor Days covered. We'll be in Canada for July 4th (and for their Canada Day on July 1st) so that period is my priority to complete this week. 

1 year-old Oliver is all smiles.

Life is good, we're blessed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Appreciating Old Art in a New Year

 December 27, 2022 - January 8, 2023
Tombstone, Arizona

Like most people I spent much of my life pushing time. Mondays pushing for Fridays. Hot days pushing for cooler temps. School pushing for graduation. School and work pushing for vacation. Pregnancy pushing for baby. Diapers pushing for potty-trained. More work pushing for retirement. Idle days pushing for exciting plans. Yet we're surprised time passes so quickly! We even complain about it :-) 

As I get older I work on being present in the now. I actively appreciate the uniqueness of a day. My everyday blessings are recognized. I'm not consciously pushing anything. 

And yet time passes even faster. Never more apparent than birthdays and new years. Alas 2023 has arrived, is already over a week in.

The good things outweighed the bad in 2022, and that's all I can wish for in 2023 :-)

Before year's end, two of the grands celebrate birthdays - Oliver's first, and Henry's third. Tough to have your birthday at Christmas, but we're delighted to celebrate these darling boys.

Henry discovers party blowers.

Oliver enjoys some outdoor fun.

Like grownups we join friends Michael and Rebecca and their friends for a New Years' Eve gathering. Outdoors in the RV park, it's comfortable with propane heaters and fire pits. Good time, good food, good people. We head home early - we're old grownups :-)

Rebecca and I enjoy an outing to the De Grazia Gallery in Tucson on a chilly Tuesday. The grounds and building are beautiful in a beautiful place. The background of the Catalina Mountains adds to the magic of this special place. My mother was a big fan of his work, and I regret I didn't visit with her. Many of the pieces remind me of her. 

This fella centers the peaceful courtyard.

Small vignettes throughout add personal touches to the outdoor space. 

The heavy metal doors with punch art look like jewels.

The temporary exhibit "Ballet" is a collection of very different subjects in a familiar style.

I enjoy the petroglyph and pictograph pieces done on ceramics, canvas and wood panels.

Mom had several of his books and loved the simple and whimsical best. 

More than any others, Girls Waiting depicts what I think of as a De Grazia. For $13k I could have taken it home!

Rabbit Hunt is one of many dramatic ink drawings on permanent display.

Many like Crying draw me in to human emotions stripped raw.

"Raising Indians Steal Horses from Kino Village" feel like flowing energy and power. The eight warriors blend into the gallop.

Back in the courtyard we enjoy the wide variety of flora.

A tasty lunch at El Charro, the oldest family-run Mexican Restaurant in the country still in operation. One of several locations in the city.

California's storms send us clouds but very little rain, offering up dazzling skies all around.