Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great to be on Track to Getting on the Road

When I wrote the original blog post I outlined some goals for the following 27 months to prepare us for full timing.  At the time they just seemed logical and I figured they would be modified by time and reality.  Reviewing them this morning I see they are still spot-on and we have been successfully working on all of them! 

This is the last week of the full medical fast with eight weeks of transition and maintenance to follow.  To-date we are down 131 pounds.  Of course I wish it were a 50/50 contribution but naturally 86 of those are Bill's amazing success!  Still I am feeling soooo much better in this lighter body and we both remain committed to continue losing as we move to the next phase.  Getting the weight off was a big goal for us, one that would make other goals possible.  So being successful here has been inspiring and motivating in more ways than just the weight loss. 

For Bill the weight loss was directly related to getting his diabetes under control and getting his knee replacement surgery done.  Today he has reduced his diabetes medication by 90% from what it was prior to the weight loss, and his knee surgery is scheduled for November 7 (the official last day of the fasting program)!  I would say he is definitely on track!!  I am so proud of him.

We continue to make reasonable improvements to the house for resale value while not indulging in upgrades that we would only be able to enjoy for a short time.  Getting the two ugly trees removed from the front yard was a big part of that.  Exterior paint and a small concrete pour will finish up the curb appeal.  After that there remain a few interior and backyard fixes that fit our budget and can be completed in the next 18 months. 

The move here two years ago prompted some major purging from our two individual houses but we still moved plenty of stuff with us!  In preparation for cutting our living and storage space by 90% we are successfully unloading what we won't need while significantly modifying our "buying more stuff" practices.  Okay, maybe significant for me; Bill has mastered the "need not want" filter and buys very little.  With very few exceptions, nothing new comes in without something old being moved out.  I have planned a yard sale for early next month so other people can pay me to get rid of it completely. I've always been a big fan of that practice!

Getting together with family and friends continues, although the whole "no eating" thing does impact your social life.  It is so eye-opening to realize how often we eat as part of just getting together with people!  If you don't barbecue or go out for birthdays or other holidays then What do you do?  We traveled to Clear Lake for July 4th and spent four days with Wayne and Marilynn and Kurt and Cindy and their three boys.  It was a wonderful visit and the fireworks over the lake were the best I've seen in years.  Last weekend was  Aunt Kathy's 80th birthday party in Fresno and we went up for the two days.  I met the rest of his clan and might even remember all their names for a couple weeks.  What a great bunch of folks!  A short rain shower cooled things off during the party and then the weather was cool and perfect for the weekend.  Bill continues to be active in his men's organization and I meet new people from the community every month as part of a group I started in July. 

October 12 we go to our first RV show in Pomona.  I'm looking forward to getting inside some of the coaches we think we like from the pictures and descriptions on-line.  We have toured some used ones at our local Camping World but have pretty much decided we want to buy new and take advantage of the warranties.  With the nightmare Janis and Nick had with their last used coach and the fact that this will be our home for several years we believe the expense is justified for a new unit. Also making sure we have the safety and technology upgrades from day one is important as well.  We understand that there will be modifications down the road as our personal needs become apparent from experience, but we don't intend to skimp on the important things up front.

There are some skills I want to learn before we head out, like grooming Tessa, dying my hair, driving and towing with confidence (I've driven a 28' motor home with a toad but I think a fully packed and loaded 34' rig on mountain roads may be a different beast altogether), and basic first aid (human and doggie).  I'm looking into some winter classes that should also be lots of fun!  Maybe there's a "healthy cooking in a small space" class out there too!!

Everyday we are ready to hit the road.  Everyday we are ready for Bill to retire.  Everyday we  want to be living in nature.  Everyday we are successfully working toward our original goals.  Everyday we are one day closer.