Friday, October 21, 2022

Figure I'd Better Check-in!

 September 21 - October 21, 2022
Tombstone, Arizona

Once we completed our mad dash across the country to arrive in Tombstone six weeks early the time has flown by. Nothing very exciting, just lots of errands that seemed to have grown into a mile-long list. 

Top of that list is moving our healthcare from the safety and security of our HMO which I've had for forty years! Navigating the chaos that is Medicare Supplement Plans has been a nightmare that continues as we attempt to get Bill's plan finalized. It baffles the mind that we still have to go through all of this to have healthcare in this country. 

Line at the pharmacy - hoping this isn't the new norm for us.

Two days before we left in April we picked up the motorhome from Camping World in Tucson where they had completed (allegedly) a list of fixes after having it for five weeks. Along our route we soon realized how many items either weren't done or that had already failed. Upon our return getting it back in to remedy these is also a priority. 

I learn that they no longer service motorhomes - trailers only now - but they do finalize or redo anything they've already worked on. So three weeks ago we drop it off with assurances that all will be completed correctly in a couple weeks. It's still there. I have bragged about this Camping World (as have others) for years, but our experience this past year has shown they are no longer a quality shop. Even if they weren't doing motorhomes anymore I'm afraid we'd be moving elsewhere. 

Fortunately everything else we've needed to get done has gone smoothly. Tessa has dental cleaning and minor surgery to remove a fatty mass under her leg, new glasses are ordered, Arizona drivers' licenses and license plates arrived, the three foot tall weeds are  knocked down in the large yard, and other life stuff that makes you feel satisfied when you can check them off the list. 

Nice to be enjoying our sweet views again.

When we arrived we could barely see the back fence from the house. 

A nice surprise are daily rain storms for the first three weeks. Most give us some wet here, and all surround us with thunder and lightening from massive dark cloud banks. It's been lovely!

Our daily dramatic skies.

Dear friends Rebecca and Michael return from their summer travels to their RV space in nearby Whetstone, and we immediately make plans to get together. Lunch out at Contessa Cantina is a real treat as we've been eating healthy at home. Back to the house for a few hours of getting caught up, and of course no pics.

Did manage to get a pic of the fun presentation of my stuffed potato at the cantina!

Another fun meet-up that also fails to produce any pics is a visit from Ron and Renee (R 'n R on the Road) who are returning to California from their busy working/playing summer. They were the first RVers we connected with back before we'd even bought the motorhome, before they bought their first trailer, and it's always special (never often enough) when we can get together. I'm so grateful she reached out while they were in the area!

M&M enjoying the cattle train at the local harvest fair.

Reese delighted with fall leaves in her new VA yard.

The youngest, Oliver, getting cuter all the time.

The oldest, Ezra, having a great time at his friend's Nerf party in the park.

Little brother Elliott joining in. Be afraid, very afraid :-)

We're making plans to get to SoCal to see the grandsons, then having our Kingman pals here for Thanksgiving. This year has flown by fast!

So we're doing well, Bill's big scare is behind us with him now a committed non-smoker, and moving a little farther out of the post-COVID fog each day. 2023's travel route is already being planned, as well as a few house projects to keep us busy this winter.