Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Challenge of Living in the Now

No plans here to catch up on the last six weeks.  Maybe it's because it's summer and so many fulltimers are in wonderful cool places with oceans or lakes or forests outside their windows but this has been a rough month for being "not-on-the-road."  I once again found myself living in blogland with intermittent perusing of RV online sales.  The first step is admitting.......well I have fallen off the "live in the now" wagon to which I was committed.

Last week I took a couple days and went to visit Janis and Nick in Sacramento.  After months of trials and tribulations and one mixed-review trip to Oregon they have finally purchased a brand new Tiffen Phaeton and I was able to get a quick tour of the coach.  It is a great rig and I know it will be perfect for their planned travels.  At 36+' it is bigger than I want for us, and the type of traveling we want to do, but do think a similar coach of 34' would be wonderful.  I especially like the neutral interior decor which is such a pleasant change from the usual gaudy patterns they use on valances and seating. With a residential refrigerator and washer and dryer they will once again be able to "field test" those things to help us decide if we will want them too.  I suspect no amount of nay-saying from anyone will convince Bill we don't need that outside tv though!  They take delivery tomorrow and then head north to end up in Canada and the Olympic Peninsula - but I will be loving life "in the now" right here at home!

Truly our "now" is pretty wonderful.  We are right on track with the weight loss with Bill down over 65 lbs and me at 30.  Our overall health is greatly improved and we continue to stay motivated.  Our program doctor has suggested Bill schedule his knee surgery for the end of the year as soon as possible. This will enable him to reserve a date and keep us on schedule.  I suspect with his weight loss and new knees I will be working hard to keep up with him next year!  So I should be grateful I have 21 months to get in shape!

While in Sacramento I also stopped by the old office.  Wonderful to see the people I worked with - truly wonderful!  What a great group of folks I got to spend all that time with.  I miss so many of them.  Do not miss the work.  Do not have any sudden desire to return to that world, that pace, that time away from my life.  Do Not.

That was my life "then" and the visit helped confirm that my "now" is a good place to be.  The call of the road is loud and I can expect it to distract me and pull me into the bliss of daydreaming of our adventures out there.  Like so many lessons this one may need to be learned several times.........oh yea, I have 21 months!