Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trykes for the Road - Check!

Made an appointment at our "local" Terra Tryke dealer (Bent Up Cycles) down in Burbank in between other appointments we had scheduled for that day.  Just going to check out the Rover 3-speeds and see how they maneuver, and come back later if we decide to buy.......uh huh. 

The shop is open for appointment only during the week so we had the place to ourselves with very personal service from Kate.  She even added additional chain to expand the length of the trike for Bill's long legs.  Although he is still "pre-new-knees", he was able to ride comfortably after the adjustment.  The additional chain meant it could not be adjusted "back down" enough for me to ride so sharing was not an option.  I liked the look of another unit and Kate set it up for me to try.  Wow, the Rambler is so comfortable and easy to move.  It is also lighter weight with a slightly higher seat than the Rover.  While I had come in looking for a 3-speed model, Bill was thinking we needed at least 8 speeds if we want to take advantage of more locations.  Kate and Dana (owner) agreed that anything less would greatly limit our trail options.  Both the Rover and the Rambler are available with 8-speeds. 

After reviewing the specs that were most important to us we decided that the 8-speed Rambler was a good fit for us.  So we left the shop and said we'd come back when we were ready to buy......

Ha!  We bought two of them of course!  

They adjust in different ways to "breakdown" for storing and we are confident that the two of them will fit in the motorhome and/or the toad.

Until then we have lots of paseos and trails to ride locally and they are a great addition to our "getting fit" program. 

The biggest challenge will be not going crazy on accessories - there are sooooo  many!

Feels great to check off another item from the list!

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