Friday, January 10, 2014

Next Year Sounds So Much Better!

For the last seven months we've been saying "In 2015 we will be......." and that just sounded like it was forever from now. Since January 1 we've been able to say "Next year we will be......" and what a difference that is just in the saying! Of course it's still too long in the instant-gratification-desires of my real world, but it does make a difference.

After a few more reviews of our budget and what that will look like in 3, 6 and 12 months we are confident in saying that at-the-outside Bill can retire on April 1, 2015.  It's still next year but in just a few short months we can say "in a year, in less than a year, in a few months" he will retire. Even with that awesome reality, we continue to look at options that could move that date up even more, and include having a motor home sooner rather than later. Pathetic I know :-(.....but it does help one stay enthusiastic. 

At the same time I know there are lots of folks out there (because I spend waaaaay too much time in blog/forum-land) who are planning for 3-8 years before they can head out full-time.  I was reading a post from one of the many who have been weathering the polar vortex (such a great name) who just purchased a new Tiffin motor home and is looking forward to retiring in a couple years.  I'm sitting in perfect t-shirt weather here in SoCal, with beautiful warm sunny days and a year of retirement behind me, and I was JEALOUS because they already have their motor home!  Again with the pathetic.....

We have done pretty close to nothing since getting back from Borrego.  Bill had his two-month check up with the surgeon who released him without restriction.  Bittersweet as it confirms his recovery has been amazing but also means he has to return to work.  Still it has been so wonderful having him home for eight weeks and I will miss his being here every day.  Definitely not worried about being "stuck" with each other in that small motor home!  Tessa says doing nothing is a perfectly wonderful way to spend a day......or six.

Pain in my left arm and shoulder has gotten steadily worse so I finally went back to the doctor.  She made an appointment at the orthopedist and had the physical therapist do an evaluation.  Now that Bill is finished with all those people it's my turn!  Bill inspires all of us:  Nick loses over 50 pounds in five weeks and I go to physical therapy!  Awesome. There was good news from both this week that it is bursitis made worse because I have let it freeze up my shoulder from dis-use.  Didn't want any part of a cortisone shot (at least for now) but it already feels better just doing the PT at home.  I'll see the therapist a couple times a week until it's back to normal and be grateful it wasn't something more serious.

Still deciding on tackling a yard sale is perfect but I haven't done a lot of prep and that always means more work on sale day.  Nothing says I can't do it next week.....we'll see.  I do need to keep moving forward on the purging because....wait for it.....this is so good.....feels great.....we're heading out NEXT YEAR!

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