Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More About People Than Places

When we made plans to visit friends in Tombstone, AZ, for early December we realized there were several other friends along the route we could catch up with as well. By our fourth stop we have already seen 14 old friends from high school!

Thursday morning we confirm that the "low" tire on the Jeep from the night before is now flat. Fortunately we have a full size spare, and even more fortunately another high school friend, Larry, stops by and is able to loosen the lug nuts. You know - the lug nuts put on with nuclear-powered pneumatic wrenches. Larry and a three-foot piece of pipe get them off :-) Bill gets the spare on, the flat tire loaded up, and we're good to go again. Wednesday's fun was well worth the flat!

Thanks Larry!
Meanwhile, out on the lawn.......

Tessa's new pal Molly - they got their tails at the same store
We love our time here at Lake Tamarisk, and are excited about returning for New Years.

It's a quick drive to Quartzsite and we're set up at Hassler's RV Park early. We drop off the tire for a quick repair, but when we return from lunch we find that's not the case. We'll come back the next day for the new tire.

Restaurant specials in Q - steak or speakers

Our search finds no mobile RV techs so Bill calls the largest repair place and they give him a referral. An appointment is made for the next day to fix the stairs. 

Friday morning we return to the tire shop and then check out other RV parks. We are returning for a week in January during the busiest time and I want to be sure we have a spot. 

Say good-bye to Bill the Tire

Who knew tires are so funny?!
After booking our week at Quail Run RV Park we take a drive out to my dad's old property near Tyson Wash. It hasn't been kept up very well and there is an additional house built there now, but the two-story garage remains, as does the original house. I choose not to take pics, I'll remember it as it was when Dad lived there.

The tech doesn't show up and when Bill calls him, he "isn't going to make it today". Arrgghh. Tempe is our next stop and I find a mobile RV tech there who can come to our park on Monday morning. Fine, we'll live with the step ladder a while longer.

Mike and Rita Pruitt were high school sweethearts who have been married 40+ years and live in Blythe. They are both good friends of ours, and they suggest we have pizza at Silly Al's in Quartzsite.

 Silly Al's is no longer a trailer with a big deck
We have a great time over yummy pizza and several beers, making ourselves heard over the local musical entertainment. It sounded better the more beer we had....

The drive the next morning is uneventful even through all the Phoenix interchanges until the "iffy" directions off the freeway requires a u-turn in Tempe to get back to our park. 

Apache Palms RV Park is the first "in the middle of the city" park we've stayed at. The light-rail is just out the driveway and it's in the flight pattern for the airport, and is surrounded by apartment buildings. But it is surprisingly quiet, very clean, and is the closest park to more of our friends.

Bill's very good friend David (also from high school) and his wife Tina live here. We invite them over to see our little home on Saturday night - the step ladder is a great conversation piece - and then have a wonderful meal at Four Peaks Brewery nearby.

We planned to see four other friends in the area, but life happens and we'll have to see them the next time through.

Sunday is Sunday - so football and laundry! Yay Steelers - and double yay Eagles!!

I'd like to say that the stairs got repaired on Monday. Nope.  Broke two drill bits and two easy-outs trying to remove the remainder of the bolt, and didn't have a replacement bolt any way. But at least he showed up and tried :-(

We make arrangements for Plan C in Tombstone.

Monday night we watch the game and have a lovely dinner at David and Tina's house. We enjoy the Christmas tree at their place and all the pretty lights in the neighborhood.

Fortunately Tina remembers photos!
David and Tina
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......


  1. You two are having quite the trip down memory lane revisiting all your old high school friends. What fun you, Bill, and Tessa are having:) Good to see Tessa meeting new friends. Love the Christmas photo at the end:) Good luck with those steps!

    1. We really are having soooo much fun catching up with "old" friends, and Tessa just as much fun making new ones!!

  2. Besides the minor trials and tribulations, which you seem to take in stride, it looks like fun visiting friends along the way. I find, as a traveler, that I visit others more than they visit me if they live in S&B. Hope to catch up with you in Q, or someplace else.

    1. Being able to come visit friends who are still working - priceless! Definitely hope we can meet up in Q.

  3. We tried to get reservations last year at Apache Palms but they were full so ended up at the Tempe Elks. I'll be interested your opinion on the RV park when your stay has ended.

    1. It was very clean and the people very friendly. Most surprising was how quiet it was given the proximity to the light rail and apartments. Sites aren't huge, but ours (16) was plenty big enough for a few days. We would definitely stay there again.

  4. What fun you all are having with old and new friends. Don't you just love watching Tessa interact with new friends? And how nice to have old friends come to the rescue!


    1. We love it when Tessa gets to run around and play with other dogs! Yes, Larry was a hero :-)

  5. How fun to be reconnecting with so many friends! Such a sweet holiday photo of the three of you. :-) You look like you're having a blast -- despite your stair problems. Hope Plan C will do the trick.

    1. Thank's Laurel :-) The new bolt arrived yesterday so we're hopeful!

  6. Oh yes, into so many wonderful times a little yuck must fall as in tires and difficulty finding an RV Tech who can actually do the job. We know all about both. You handle it all with such flair and never let it get in your way. On to plan 3. Well done! Wonderful pictures of Tessa playing with her friend and the one of you 3 is just a Holiday card waiting to happen.

    1. Sometimes we feel like the RV-gods are testing us, but so far we've been able to just roll with it. She and Molly had such a great time :-)