Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Since We're Here.......

.....we might as well go check out some of the "stuff to see" in the area! 

It's bright and sunny Friday morning, but the expected high is only 47 degrees. The drive to Rockhound State Park is not a long one, and the closer we get to the Florida Mountains the prettier the views become.

We put $5 in the day use envelope and head into the little park. With the exception of hiking trails that lead into the Little Florida Mountains, this part of the park is just the campground and a small (tiny) visitors' center. The real draw here is that you can collect up to 15 pounds of rock, including geodes, jasper, quartz crystals and more, making it a rock hound paradise! Too chilly for these hounds though, so with the VC closed for lunch we check out the nice campground and the amazing views of the valley.

Unobstructed view from Site 13 with electric and water
A massive boulder on the hillside
I think I'll use the other restroom....
Abundant Cane Cholla, Ocotillo and Prickly Pear throughout the park
The Spring Canyon section of the park is in the Florida Mountains. We could spend hours here on a warmer day. Snow remains in the shadows and the breeze blows down the canyon even on an otherwise calm day. Still, we walk the completely empty campsites (tent or small camper, dry only), and watch a hawk riding the sky above. The road here includes a 16% grade, taking us much higher into the mountain. 

The quiet is as mesmerizing as the views.

The VC is very dark inside but has good information on the history, geology, climate and geography of the area. 

When we arrive at the VC we discover that we don't have Tessa's service dog vest. Since we always keep it in the car, and we had it in Hatch, it had to have fallen out at one of two stops yesterday afternoon.

Did I mention before just how good that green chili cheeseburger was? The return to Hatch is worth that second burger, but unfortunately we don't find the vest.

Amazon is delivering the new one to our Roswell address.

Saturday is a screw driver and sponge day. Tightening and cleaning everything that needs it keeps us busy for much of the day.  

I want our steering wheel to do this for the Christmas tree! (nobody was home when I took the pic - I promise)
Tessa and I run a couple errands and take a walk through the park by the old courthouse.

We spend our Sunday the same as most of the country. Happy with the outcome of the game, disappointed in the commercials, and unimpressed by the half-time show, it's another season in the books. Now I'll definitely never know what day it is!

Monday is the big day! We patiently wait until 10:40 when surely FedEx has already delivered our parts.....Jimmy says they haven't come yet. One of us remains optimistic they'll arrive shortly.

Said optimism is rewarded when a little after 11:00 Jimmy calls to confirm they're in!! We break down the rig in record time and drop it off at the shop.

Let's go see another state park!

30 miles south of Deming, on the Mexican border, is the historic village of Columbus, New Mexico. Nearly as large is Pancho Villa State Park.

The campground is on the site of Camp Furlong that was attacked by Pancho Villa in 1916. Interspersed among the campsites (which are laid out in a very bizarre way) are historic sites and ruins. A botanical garden encircles a small hill near the visitors' center.

The history
One of four ruins on site
Probably more recently painted
Botanical garden spirals to the monument on top
The museum is closed, but the grounds are open. We wander through the old equipment and small memorials.

A short drive through the little downtown takes us back to the highway. 

No word yet from the shop so we decide to try the Adobe Deli which we've heard so much about. Expecting good food and a fun environment we are still unprepared for this quirky eatery!

We're not even sure we've found the place except for a faded sign near what might be an open gate. Two large dogs rush us in the parking lot but back off when Bill blocks them from chasing Tessa into the building.

It gets a whole lot better after that. The food is as good as the place is funky. Our waitress suggests we come back on a Saturday night when "the real cowboys all come in, and the cowgirls, and all the drama from town...". Maybe next time :-)))))

Front door greeter
Critters surround the whole room
Waiting for his squadron to call
We have to come back just to see everything - maybe on a Saturday night!

The lot dogs are elsewhere, and we make it back to the car unscathed. It's time to find out what's happening with the slide and exhaust bracket repairs.

And it's ready!! Everything works as it should, completed as promised by Jimmy and his hard-working team.

Without hesitation I recommend Jimmy's RV Service in Deming, NM.  If you're within a couple hundred miles and can drive safely - bring your RV here. Not only competent, but Jimmy really cares that the work is done right. What a pleasure.

Tuesday morning we continue our journey east.


  1. So glad repairs are done! Thanks for the info on both the parks. We haven't traveled much in that area...looking forward to it one day! Safe travels as you continue east!

    1. Thanks, we're sooooo happy to have it all done :-) The weather's warmin' up, head on over from Tucson and check it all out!!

  2. We overnighted at Rock Hound one time & have stayed in Pancho Villa several times. Liked them both. Don't miss The Pink Store in Palamas 3 miles south of Columbus. You can park your car & walk over the border to the Pink Store. Can't miss it. Another great scenic Park in the area is City Of Rocks up near Silver City. Another interesting Western town. From there it's a nice drive up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

    1. They are both great parks. We still have to get our passports - I know that sounds impossible :-) City of Rocks was our next trip if we hadn't gotten the slide done. Definitely top of the list for next time!

  3. FINALLY! Fingers crossed, this is the last slide repair you ever have to do!

  4. Rockhound State Park is on our (well, mine)list! Not sure John is excited about it though. He doesn't understand how cool rocks are.

    You photo with the Cane Cholla had me doing research. I've never heard of it. It looked like a Buckhorn Cholla. I guess it is very hard to tell the Cane, Buckhorn, and Staghorn Cholla apart. I really need a cholla and prickly pear guide book!

    Look at the interesting places your slide repairs have taken you!! That was most definitely a unique restaurant. Not sure we would have continued inside. Glad you did:)

    Wahoo!! Slide is repaired!! Safe travels!

    1. You'll love the rocks there - and I'm sure they'll "interest" John :-) We have a tiny book on cactus we keep in the Jeep. The yellow flower/apples on the ends are what distinguish the cane from the others. I thought buckthorn because of the color and then pencil because of the narrowness, but the yellow is supposed to be the difference. And you must do the Adobe Deli when you're there!!

  5. Hopefully the slide is all fixed and no more worries about it! I'm with you on the no hiking in 47 degree weather, especially if there's a wind. You'll have to get back there to do more exploring one day...

    1. We look forward to returning and staying in one of the great state parks we saw. There's a surprising number of things to see and do.

  6. Yea, repairs done is the best news to hear. I've also camped, and rockhounded a bit, at Rockhound park.

    1. We are really enjoying having everything as it is supposed to be :-) It's interesting that the variety of rocks doesn't extend to the spring canyon area no close by - but the whole area is amazing.

  7. Wow, Jodee...you found a Florida with mountains and snow! :)

    1. Until we saw the reference to the flowers we couldn't figure out why they were names after the state :-) We're pretty slow sometimes!

  8. We love Rockhound State Park and have stayed there several times when passing through the area. The night skies are fabulous there! I have to hold myself back from collecting rocks, though. :-) Never been to Pancho Villa, but it's been on our list, so thanks for the preview. So glad to hear that your slide is fixed!

    1. We're very happy to be "whole" again :-) Pancho Villa is a sweet park, although the water and electric are in weird places in some of the sites. The ones in the back seem to be set up the best.