Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Find the Atlantic Ocean

Monday, October 3 - Friday, October 7, 2016
Auburn, New Hampshire

Our lovely Monday drive through more New England Autumn beauty takes us to Calef Lake Camping Area outside the little town of Auburn, New Hampshire.

It's not a good beginning when our site is still occupied and the battery is dead in the Jeep. But both issues are resolved quickly with a jump start by the park host, and a suitable alternate site. 

FHUs with 30 amp, level dirt and grass with trees. Picnic table and fire pit. Park WiFi works by their office, but not at our site. Showers, no laundry. Small store at the office, very nice staff.

Unfortunately while the staff work hard every day we're here, the seasonals are the trashiest we've encountered. I'm not sure we'd stay here again.

Tuesday we drive back roads to Manchester. It's a beautiful day to be outside. First we walk around little Stark Park, and then find a trail in the forest behind Lake Massabesic.

Although across the street from the park, this historic home adds to its beauty.
Colonel John Stark, the park's name sake.
Author of the state's motto "Live free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils." Colonel Stark was a hero of the American Revolution. 
The site of the Stark home, the family is buried here, surrounded by the 13 acre park.
The trail starts in a thick forest
and opens up behind the lake,
where this handsome Blue Heron waits
among the reeds and Water Lillies.
After the lake the trail is lined with brilliant fall foliage.

Color from bottom
to top. 
It's one of those "How lucky we are to spend our days finding these local gems" afternoons. Life is so good.

We stopped in Auburn as an affordable location within a day trip to Boston and Wednesday is the day!

Like many other cities we've visited our plan is to just be here. There are so, so many things to see and do in Boston, but it's our first time so we just want to drive around and look. The drive around part was probably a bad idea.

While in Wyoming our friends Polly and Buddy told us about Kelly's for lobster rolls. We promised we'd try them when we got here. At $50 for two rolls and two waters it's a good thing they're excellent!

First stop - the Atlantic Ocean!

So happy to have a freshly groomed beach all to herself!
Our first look at the other coast.
There are crazy big shells here!

Pretty damn good.
Boston skyline from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Old and new combines all over the city.

City's slot canyon ahead
Boston looks like all I've heard about it - lots of old red brick and iron fire escapes and large trees and grand buildings with classic columns. It's a wonderful city. 

What I don't expect is the chaotic lay-out of streets and the suicidal pedestrians! Bill manages to navigate us through downtown and back over the bridge to the Interstate, with only a few u-turns and re-routes :-)

Thursday we hang around home. Cooking and laundry get done. Naps are taken.

With just 80 miles to our next stop, we take our time getting ready to leave on Friday morning. Next stop, Massachusetts.


  1. So. Much. Color.!!
    I like your slot canyon photo :-)

    1. It's pretty incredible on those bright sunny days!

  2. That was a wonderful lobster roll! Looks like you got a least one whole lobster in that roll...yum!! Too bad lobster is so darn expensive! Gorgeous colors:) Lucky you is right:) Glad Tessa had a big, clean beach to do her zoomies:)

    1. It had to be a whole lobster, and worth every penny! We have a little beach on the park lake here in CT so I'm going to try and get a zoomies video while I'm here :-)))

  3. I am loving your fall color photos!

    The state motto reminds me of what's going on in politics today!

    I don't think I could have paid that much for two matter how good they were purported to be! It's a darn good thing they turned out to be delicious! :-)

    1. I agree about the motto 😐 We could have easily split one - hindsight is always 20/20!

  4. What a great time to be in the Northeast! We saw the Atlantic Ocean today too!

    1. It's beautiful but the water was black where we saw it. Have fun "over here"!

  5. Those fall colors are spectacular. You've timed it just right. Not too sure about those city slot canyons. Yea, the other ocean!

    1. The optical illusion of those tight streets is so weird! Still can't believe we touched the Atlantic for the first time at 60 years old!

  6. You two are just so brave.......driving in Boston.........get out! Love the beautiful fall leaves you sure are there at the perfect time. Sorry about the campground but you guys have done remarkably well winging it so I guess one bummer isn't too bad. If you want to see the Atlantic, get on out to Cape Cod. You'll LOVE Provincetown.

    1. Wish it was bravery and not ignorance, but alas we survived :-) Saddest thing about the campground was how pretty it is, while the permanents don't care. Life had other plans for us so no Cape Cod this time. I'm solo in Connecticut for a couple weeks now. Everyone's fine.

  7. Yes...beautiful fall colors! We had our first lobster roll in Maine a few years yummy!

    1. I can't believe New Englanders ever get used to all this color!! It's probably a good thing we don't live here though, those rolls are dangerous :-)