Sunday, February 12, 2017

Attic Ghosts, Dancing Poodles, and Baby Dragons

February 9, 2017
Tucson, Arizona

We're all set up in our clean site at Tucson Lazydays/KOA. Concrete pad with gravel yard. Nice metal table and chairs, and a nearly full lemon tree. We rarely stay in KOAs, but with our one week stay here a membership is free after the discount is applied, so I get one to see if we'll use them more. 

Our home has needed a bath for several months, especially after the ice and salt in Louisiana. Since we can get it done in the park, I have an appointment for Thursday morning.

Tucson RV Wax calls to let me know they're running ahead of schedule and show up an hour early. Sweet!

Bill and Tessa hang out at home during the job while I go see the Mini Time Machine Miniatures.  

Not for everyone, but I'm fascinated by miniatures and this museum has a wonderful collection. The regular fee is $9, but Thursday is a discount day and I only pay $6. Military and seniors over 65 are regularly $8.

With over 300 houses and roomboxes divided into three galleries, there is plenty to enjoy here. The collection is separated by the History Gallery, Exploring the Worlds, and The Enchanted Realm.

I spend a couple hours peering in tiny doors and windows, delighting in the intricate details. 

 Entering through the 1/12th scale small door inside the "full" sized door gives me an immediate and personal perspective to what I find inside.
Wonderful interiors
Complete with ghost in the attic :-)

In another house I find a fully stocked linen closet off the formal dining room. The blue urn in front is about the size of a thimble.
Nuremberg turn-of-the-century kitchen built in 1909 with some restoration done in 1987. The tiny stove is designed to hold a candle and boil water in a metal pot on top.
Coyote Trading Post completed in 1997. The list of contributors includes the artists who made the Kachina dolls, the ceremonial shirt, pottery and furniture. All are scale replicas of larger originals. The pot on the small table is the size of a chickpea.
The oldest piece, this Daneway house is built into a cabinet in 1775, restored in 1988.

The nobles upstairs are entertained by a dancing poodle. The detail on the gentleman's attire is incredible.
One of the most unique pieces is this 1885 Swiss hotel featuring metal mechanical figures..

..animated by a key-wound and weight-driven mechanism. The cabinet base also includes a music cylinder that chimes two different tunes.
In addition to full-size buildings are several roomboxes.

These are more modern rooms. Very inviting with the warm fire glowing.
Another favorite is this "Dirty Cellar" built in 1998.

Mostly because of this remarkable boiler. The green turn handle on front is the size of a paper hole punch.
Many of the exteriors are just as detailed.

1989 Craftsman based on the Gamble House in Pasadena, California
The sconces are about the width of a piece of Chex cereal - and are lit from inside.
Roomboxes - "Hers". The shoes and hangars - wow!

 "His". Note the liquor bottles behind the bar.
The Enchanted World includes holiday scenes.

Lots of fun Halloween characters, but the haunted houses  are too hard to photograph,

I love this castle with fairy royalty,..

...and an animated dragon tamer with two Sprites spinning around him.
The current temporary exhibit is The Art and Science of Portrait Miniatures

Using several different "ographies", scientists analysed portrait miniatures to "see art in a different way". It is different, but doesn't hold my interest. 
I'm more in the mood for children's stores..

...filled with whimsy. 
For every photo I posted here, there are ten more that I didn't. You're welcome :-) There is just so much to see and enjoy in this unique museum. I'm glad I took the time to come.

After a quick stop at Trader Joe's (yaaaaay!!), I return to a shiny clean home. At $10/foot to wash and wax, it is worth every dime - they do a very good job.

Much better!!
With the most RV dealers we've ever seen in one place, we head out to find replacement covers for our porch lights. One was stolen in the big wind storm, and the other is discolored. It takes a few stops, but we find what we need. 

When we return we turn on the A/C for the first time since we left New York (I think, who remembers for sure) - it's nearly 90 degrees.

It is even hotter Friday, so we head for higher elevations on Mt. Lemmon. Since I took another gazillion photos I'll save those for the next post.


  1. Your home looks so shiny and sparkly! 😎 Very nice, Jodee!

  2. We're in the midst of a heat wave here, too—it's 55 degrees. :-)) Those miniatures are amazing. I'm glad you included some scale references for perspective. How in the world do people make those teeny things??

    1. They did have a small work station with some of the tools they use - and several magnifying glasses! Some of the little paint brushes are like an eye lash on a tooth pick. The results are wonderful, but I'm afraid I'd be blind in a month.

  3. Those miniatures are very cool! I imagine Hans would be bored to death, but I know I'd find is fascinating!

    1. Didn't Bill's feelings at all that he has to stay home for the wash and wax crew :-))

  4. Wow! Thank you! I love miniatures. I used to build some myself, including needlepointing carpets, but those days are long over.

    1. Those carpets are incredible - there were several in these pieces. This is a must-do stop for you :-)))

  5. What a magical place to visit. So much fine detail if you didn't say how small some of these things are it would be hard to believe.

    1. With your eye up to the glass you can really get lost in the scale - everything outside the piece then feels giant!!

  6. The miniatures are just so neat! It is hard to imagine creating things that small and so intricate. Glad you included so many photos:) Your home looks wonderful!!

    1. Something for young eyes and/or really strong magnifying glasses! Thanks, still looks good after our rain :-)

  7. It's so nice to have the rv washed and waxed...looks great!
    I love the miniatures.

  8. The motorhome looks great! Glad there are people out there who enjoy museums--neither of us is one of those people but I did enjoy your photos.

    1. Definitely not for everyone, glad you enjoyed the post!

  9. We love the on-site wash and wax jobs when they come to us instead of us going to them. We just had it done and it was wonderful However, they were late and note early.

    1. These were the best guys we've used so far!

  10. The details in the miniatures are quite amazing! How nice to have a professional do the wash/wax!

    1. We budget to do it twice a year, it really needed it this time!!