Thursday, May 3, 2018


April 18-25, 2018
Laughlin, Nevada

This is our third year staying at Don Laughlin's Riverside Casino RV Park to attend our annual high school reunion. Unlike most reunions, all our classes get together every year with the 40th and 50th years "hosting". Our little town is no longer there so we've been coming to Laughlin for over a decade. What's really special this year is our best buddies have finally retired and are bringing their RVs!

I made our reservations last year so we could all be together and we're the second ones to arrive on Wednesday afternoon. The other two arrive in time for chili dinner at our place. It's going to be hot while we're here so we have lots of time sitting outside trying to find shade.

From the door - Jimmy, Maggie, Donnie, Bridgette, Anna, Pam, Kenny, Bill and Kevin.

Thursday we hang out with our neighbors all day and Bridgette makes a yummy dinner for all of us. We're already loving having the gang together :-))

The guys all leave for the golf tournament early Friday, and us gals get together for breakfast in Bullhead City. I promised to get pics of the five teams coming off the 18th hole so I head to the course.

Everyone clearly had a great time, and each of the teams stop for their photos. Bill officiated with a couple good friends and had just as much fun!

Our pals were the winning team - Harold, Kevin, Donnie and Jimmy

Officials Tommy, Bill and Mike

The all-women team came in last and had more fun than anyone! Tessa insisted on showing her support.
Friday night is the meet-and-greet at the Edgewater where we enjoy the company of 200+ of our lifetime friends. Several teachers join us each year as well. And there's always some parents, and some kids and grandkids. It's truly a community reunion!

It's a great turn-out!

Sweet Patti - our intrepid photographer!
Our youngest Eagle, and granddaughter of our good friends Anna and Donnie - Quinn.
Saturday night is the reunion dinner with all the class photos, live music from our own Maggie Stiles, and a silent auction for charities honoring two of our past organizers. It's a grand time getting to see friends we haven't seen from one year to over four decades. 

Always a treat to see our teachers - Coach Finton, Don Holder (US Government), Chet and Sharon Breneisse (choir and music), Mrs Sparkman (elementary school), and Mr Sparkman (math).
Bill's class of '74.
Jodee's class of '73

The proud winners of the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament - so much smack talking :-)

Choir members, led by our music teacher Mr. 'B', singing the alma mater. Always makes me teary-eyed.
Donnie and Anna's son Gary with his step-daughter Roz tearing up the dance floor. Definitely one of the highlights of the night!
After dancing with her 'Tata", Donnie, Roz put this sticker on his back.

He didn't know for hours, and everyone shared her delight of her successful prank. Too fun.
Jodee and Bill, Senior Prom 1973. We think we still look the same :-))))
Sunday morning we join the gang at Black Bear Diner then get a few errands done. In the evening we gather at Jim and Maggie's for their famous corn chowder. 

Enjoying good friends under the Eagle Mountain flag.

Happy Quinny!!
Most people are leaving Monday, while the RV gang hangs out at the park. Reunion organizers Pam and Kenny join us for camp breakfast, then we relax in the AC for most of the day. We consider leaving early for Williams to get out of the 102 degree temps, but the park has no openings. The kids and grandkids head for a day in Las Vegas before returning to Colorado. We miss them immediately. All our families are all our families :-) 

Pam/Kenny, Maggie/Lizzy/Jimmy, Jodee/Bill, Bridgette/Kevin, Anna/Donnie. Yes, Tessa took the photo.
Kevin and Bridgette pull out on Tuesday while the rest of us prepare to leave for Williams where we'll spend another five days of fun and friendship.

For a school that had about 350 students yearly in grades 7-12 over 19 years, we have all stayed connected more than anywhere else I know. In addition to the reunions, Bill and I have visited with 79 high school friends across the country in the last three years on the road. There was something magical about where we grew up that connected our hearts for a lifetime, and we all appreciate how special it is.

Life is good.


  1. I've never seen classmates remain as close as the ones from your school! Welcome back to blogging land--we've missed you!

    1. Thanks - it was a nice break but I'm glad to be back too!

  2. It is so nice that you all stayed so close and so many (including teachers) come back for the reunion. Small schools sure so make a difference in how you feel about all your classmates. Certainly looks and sounds like another successful reunion:)

    1. When we were there the small school was sometimes a "challenge" but in later years it's great fun all that we remember of each other's lives :)

  3. Although Tessa may have been showing support to the lady golfers I think she was just looking for shade. I love that your reunions are so well attended. You get more folks than my 300+ class of '72.

    1. I think you're right! There was zero shade and it was hot :-) Once someone attends a reunion they usually keep coming back so we're getting larger every year.

  4. It just amazes me that decades after your graduation, your high school still has an annual reunion and tons of people show up. What a fantastic party! Sure wish I’d gone to your high school. No way I even knew 79 people from my high school. That is an amazing turnout from 350 students yearly. Magical is right. Maybe your town has to disappear for everyone to come together. What a prom picture. Love those white shoes Bill and you absolutely have not changed a bit. Well except that Bill has a beard and his hair’s a little shorter and yours is a little longer. The current beard trim looks great Bill. Congrats to Tessa for a terrific picture. 102 – OMG!! Time to pick a new reunion spot.

    1. Several of us have recommended cooler locations or earlier dates, but somehow the tradition has taken hold. I'm sure you can imagine the conversations (many repeated yearly) that get shared at these things :-))))