Saturday, June 23, 2018

Zion On Our Own

June 16-20, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada - Hurricane - Fillmore, Utah

It was Halloween when we got to Valencia, California, and we've been in the southwest corner of the country ever since. Several wonderful events and gatherings have kept us here, and now we are very ready to head north for new adventures.

Except that it's so hard to leave those grandbabies!

We've made more changes to our plans, and it will be 10 months before we return. Leaving is a weird combination of excited and sad.

Longer than our normal travel day, we drive 268 miles to Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. We're only here for the night so we stay hooked up, crank up the AC in the triple digit temps, and take a deep breath. 

Sunday we continue north on I-15 passing through the one corner of Arizona we've yet to see. The Virgin River Gorge is another beautiful area. Then hints of red rock let us know we're back in Utah. Still beautiful, but definitely hotter than our October visit!

I've heard great things about Sand Hollow State Park between St George and Hurricane, Utah, so we have two nights here. We'd hoped to see friends Cheryl and Remy, but she has just had shoulder replacement surgery. We'll see them next time through.

We love these Utah vistas. Lots of room and FHUs with 50 amp. Sweet on a hot June day.
When we have several days in a location, we like to explore new and different places. But when we only have one full day we prefer to check out a specific location, usually one I've read about in the blog of one of our good friends.

Monday morning we check out the lake, then drive east on Highway 9 to pick up Kolob Terrace Road that John and Pam (Oh the Places They Golast visited in March. 

Natural beauty and a large recreation area for both water sports and ATV riding.

Red sand beaches.

No one but Ravens to share this pretty spot.
Our first glimpse promises a gorgeous day! Photo overload warning......

A unique lodging experience along the hills looks like an old mining community - Under Canvas

Not far up the hill we come to a sign that says we've entered Zion National Park. Since our last visit to the main area of the park was a crowded nightmare, this is very exciting!

Some sections look very "Bryce-like".

The canyons open up to glimmering meadows.

We travel through a few private land areas. This is an Air BnB with 360 degree incredible views.

Magical meadows.

Limited but pretty wildflowers.


Aspen groves quake in the wind.

The road ends at Kolob Reservoir. Several boondockers and tent campers surround the small lake. At over 8000 feet it is much cooler here.

Taking the side road to Lava Point we're back in the park.

Just the way we like our national park view points!

No sound but the birds and breeze. This is Zion. All to ourselves.

The Zion Visitors' Center is to the left at the V in the large cliff.
West Temple (the button just right of center), and Mt Kinesava (the peak to the far right).
The Pink Cliffs.

The appropriate height for trail fencing!

Looking down at a road from Lava Point.

Looking back up at Lava Point from that road.


The return drive offers new views.

Mini Hoodoos

We appreciate the beauty of Zion much more now.
Tuesday morning we take our time getting ready for our 160 mile drive to the little town of Fillmore, Utah. Named for our 12th Vice President, the town has seen better days. It's clean and quiet, as is the Wagons West RV Park where we set up for one night. The owners moved here from Blythe, California, and she remembers our friend Rita who still lives there. Small world!

Sadly, the next morning our plans are changed by tragic news from family we're on our way to visit.


  1. I am 100% with you on avoiding the crowds in Zion, and you did a fantastic job! What great vistas! We loved the dark skies in Utah, the stars were amazing! I am sorry to hear that you've have tragic family news. In situations like these, the flexibility of this lifestyle can be a Godsend. Thinking of you both.

    1. It was wonderful seeing the stars at every stop - but the rain here in Idaho is even better!! We feel better having seen Bill's Aunt and knowing she's coping fairly well with the loss of her grandson.

  2. Isn't this just the best Zion visit ever! The drive is spectacular, quiet, and there isn't usually anyone around. That is a special photo of Bill looking out at the beauty. Love the beautiful bucks you found and that "Deere!" So very sorry to hear about your tragic family news. Our thoughts are with you both:)

    1. I'm so glad I checked your blog, and then Sue's too - what a perfect day in a park we didn't enjoy as much last time! We had a few does run in front of us on the dirt road, but those little bucks were more cooperative :-)

  3. With all the crazy crowds, this is a perfect way to see Zion which we have yet to visit. Beautiful photos Jodee. So sorry for your sad news...hugs!

    1. I highly recommend this beautiful drive for avoiding the hordes.

  4. That's the way to see Zion! I will probably never go back to the crazy Zion with all the crowds--now I know there's a way to show it to Mike that doesn't include the crowds. Wagons West was a godsend for us one winter night--pulling a fifth wheel we had fought a raging blizzard on the interstate for hours. It was dark and snowing hard--we pulled into Filmore thinking we would just find a parking lot to wait out the storm but discovered Wagons West was open--wonderful! So sorry to hear your sad news.

    1. I can say with confidence that both you and the Cowboy will enjoy this view of Zion. Intertwined with wonderful ranchlands, it is the perfect day trip. WW would be a lovely respite from a storm, they're so nice!!

  5. A much better way to see Zion, other than winter visits to the main canyon. I am sorry to hear your sad family news. Be well and hugs to all.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn. I imagine it's beautiful in the winter but not sure I'm up to the cold!

  6. I love it when you have a gallery of beautiful photos :-) Looks like just the right amount of tourists too! Being mobile does have it's advantages when the need arises. Our best wishes are sent your way.

    1. Thanks Rene. It was hard to pick from all the ones I took in this gorgeous place.

  7. Now that's the perfect way to experience Zion! We're taking notes for our next visit. There was seriously NO one else around! Well, except for the deer.
    We are so sorry to hear about your family tragedy. Sending love to you both and peace to your family.

    1. You guys will love the park and the drive. But go when it's a tad cooler!

  8. We visited Zion 7 years ago and loved it. If we were out early we had few others around except on Angels landing but sadly after the more recent reports from others, I doubt I'd return But seeing your beautiful pictures, I would sure like to see this side of Zion. Thank you! The words tragic news make me sad for you and your family.

    1. This is definitely the way to see some of it's amazing beauty!

  9. I think we once again just missed seeing you at Sand Hollow, Mona Liza was letting me know you were there. So sorry for you family's loss.