Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Friends, Frivolity, Flowers and A Little Fear

March 7-12, 2019
Desert Center, California - Buckeye, Arizona

Boo-hoo and Yay all at the same time! Sad to leave the grands and kiddos - it gets harder every visit, but so happy to be back on the go after seven weeks. 

The route to our friends' place at Lake Tamarisk, California, is very familiar and soon we're set up and catching up with the gang. Nearly 50 years and we still have so much fun!

Bill, Kevin, Donnie and Jimmy start with a few games of Cribbage.

Anna, Maggie and Bridgette join them for 3-13.

Stacy and Eric arrive late with grandson Liam, and join in the fun.

The dogs are not impressed with all the frivolity - Winston, 



Anna gets some baby time.
After a wonderful Thursday evening, Friday quickly turns scary. Before noon our friend Kevin is in a Palm Springs hospital, taken by ambulance from his home. He has long term heart disease and sadly they determine there is nothing more they can do before sending him home the following day. This has been a rough six months for our extended family.

Saturday Anna and I take Bridgette (Kevin's wife) for errands in Parker and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Part of the route is the one I rode the school bus for four years of high school. They can't believe how far that 50 miles is!! 

When I was a teenager this was a gas station and convenience store, 20 miles from my home.

Bridgette and Anna at the "remaining wall" in Rice, California.

When the "Shoe Tree" was burned down, travelers quickly took over the chain link fence along the highway.

Some look like they've been tossed from a passing vehicle!
Bill and Donnie pick up Kevin from the hospital while we're finishing our errands. It's a beautiful day, and good for everyone to get out and enjoy it. 

The geography along the Colorado River is majestic under wispy skies.

We enjoy a quick stop at Buckskin State Park.

Wild flowers look like gold flowing from the mountains.

The sky puts on an amazing show.
Once everyone's home, Freda, another friend from high school who lives in the small community, brings us a home-cooked meal - we have the best friends!

Stacy and Eric head home Saturday night, as do Anna and Donnie on Sunday. That afternoon we take Kevin with us on a short Jeep drive to the Desert Lily Sanctuary. The lillies aren't blooming yet, but the verbena, lupine and daisy blooms carpet our desert.

I never tire of the unique beauty.

Nothing but bird song.

Sand yes, beach no.

Natural Bonsai

Monday we add more friends to our route. We stop in Blythe where we're able to park in front of the restaurant. Always fun to meet up with high school friends Mike and Rita, and today their grands join us. 

Almost a drive-thru!

Kylee and Colt
We make a one night stop in Buckeye, Arizona, just so we can see our high school friends who live in the west side of Phoenix. We've certainly learned how important it is to make the time to see those we care about.

Jodee, Cyndee, Patti, Kristi, Rocky and Bill
Wednesday we head out in the rain, heading for what could become more than a place to visit in the future :-)


  1. I do remember the shoe tree when it was there - did not know the chain link fence has taken its place. Nice flowers, clouds and a Bonsai tree among your travels.

    1. I only got to see the tree a couple times, but the space is really nuts now!

  2. Leaving those adorable grandsons and adult children behind must be so difficult. Thank goodness you have lots of new memories to carry you through til next time. So sorry to hear about your friend. You have had a very rough few months. The desert is blooming beautifully. The desert verbena is not just so very pretty carpeting the ground, but it smells heavenly. Enjoy your present spot and maybe more!!!!!!

    1. The variety of flowers is really special this year!

  3. Leaving family is never easy, thankful there's skype and facetime to keep up in person. We have a small group of friends we'll see in NY that some I've known since high school, can't wait to see them. We have two close friends in stage 4 cancer, so tough as you know they won't be here for too much longer. It just reiterates why were doing what we are, never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

    1. You'll have a blast catching up with old friends - it's definitely one of our favorite things about this life. That and making new ones :-)))

  4. Game night :-) Glad you and Bill are able to keep in touch with so many of your friends and help whenever it's needed.

    1. I'm not a games fan but have a great time as spectator - we all had so much fun.

  5. I understand exactly what you mean about feeling excited about getting back on the road and also sadness at leaving family and good friends behind. You do such a good job of staying in close touch with all of those who are dear to you and being there for them.
    The desert flowers are stunning! Can't wait to hear about your next stop!

    1. It's one of those really great "problems" to have :-)

      Can't wait to share it.

  6. "We've certainly learned how important it is to make the time to see those we care about." That statement becomes more true by the days it seems. Aren't the wildflowers stunning this year?

    1. We've definitely stopped taking a lot of things for granted. The colors are wonderful - some of them all the way to the top of hills!

  7. Very nice that you could be there for Kevin and Bridgette, Jodee.

    1. They've had to deal with it more than once so I'm especially glad there were several of us to help out this time.