Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ghost Towns, Museums and Family - Life Goes On

September 15- 25, 2020
Tombstone, Arizona

Not sure what distracted me while writing the last post, but I failed to post the pics from our Pearce visit. There isn't much there, but I did remember to take a few photos!

Lots of old mining equipment can be found in our area. Wish they all had descriptions!

Need a project? This grand ol' lady is for sale.

On one of our day trips this summer we passed the Amerind Museum in nearby Dragoon. Set in beautiful Texas Canyon, it's a place I'd heard of from other bloggers before we moved here. But I had forgotten all about it until we saw the sign. Sounded like a place I needed to visit, so on a warm weekday I headed off for a solo adventure. 

The site was chosen to embrace the building and it definitely feels like it was always here.

No photos inside the museum or the art gallery so I spend my time (hours!) absorbing the history and beauty collected here. Many permanent exhibits and a few seasonal contributions provide a lovely background to the story of this area. Early native tribes, Mexican villages, pioneer towns, mining and agriculture, conservation and protection - it is a rich and diverse history. 

The art gallery showcases historic collections and new artists. From paintings to sculptures to photography and jewelry, everything is presented in a simple and open setting. With only two other people visiting and always in other areas from me, it felt like a private showing with no pressure to "keep moving". Seating is provided in each gallery, allowing for quiet contemplation of any piece that might move you. There were several for me!

One favorite are the 15 large scale aerial photos of ancient sites from around North and South America. Legendary photographer Adriel Heisy has captured both the remoteness and the archeological wonder of these places from the unique perspective of the Eagle soaring above.

Paquime, Mexico - a site with its own large exhibit in the museum.  Photos of gallery and museum interior from  Amerind website.

The gallery that most moved me was the mixed media art of Gabrial Ayala, a Yaqui activist whose pieces depict the travesties forced upon his ancestors. These are simple yet powerful glimpses into a history too long denied.

Most are painted on old ledgers and sheet music. The people are all faceless, no explanation necessary.

At the back of the museum is the beautifully curated walk-through exhibit on the town of Paquime in Chihuahua, Mexico. Archeologists have been studying the dig for over sixty years and their discoveries are shared in this large compilation of artifacts and replicas. I have to come back to really absorb all that is offered here.

Thick adobe walls inspired by the site at Paquime.

Amerind is only recently reopened to the public with strict mask and distancing rules in place. Volunteers are scheduled to return in October. But they have not been "closed down" during the pandemic. They have maintained a series of remote lectures and presentations, staying in touch with the community.

Knowing I'll want to return often, I purchase a year's membership, and look forward to learning and experiencing more of the history of, and hope for, this beautiful area.

Outside is the magical world of Texas Canyon. Large boulders define this unique place with trails through open plains and around old growth trees. I can't wait to come back post-snake-season to explore.

All the kids and grands are doing well, making the best of what 2020 continues to dish out. We appreciate regular photos and videos and occasional live chats, keeping us connected to their growing-up-too-fast lives. 

Henry is getting very mobile - such a cutie pie!

Reese is already 10 months and more precious than ever.

Mason and big brother Maximus love spending the day at the beach!

Part of what his parents have included in his remote kindergarten, Ezra has a weekly check-in from "Mission Control". They make it even more interactive by having family members call in to give him the update. Uncle Jeff, PopPop and I have all taken our turn at reading the week's script which provides instructions for how to solve a pending "problem" on his journey. Great fun, and Ezra has the perfect set up at home!

Captain Ezra ready for his update.

Listening to Mission Control Nawma's instructions.

Even captains find time for kitty cuddles.

We moved the motorhome into the driveway to load up (such a weird experience after being fulltime for years) for our New Mexico adventure. Can't wait to get those big wheels rolling down the road!!


  1. My least favorite part of part time RVing--loading and unloading. I did a 5K walk through those rocks around the Amerind--it was cool! Enjoy your time in Santa Fe.

    1. I'm looking forward to spending time in those cool rocks!

  2. Ooohhhh...I love Ezra’s Mission Control! Perhaps we might see him on a SpaceX broadcast one of these days!

    1. It's a very cool set up that he takes seriously!! Silver lining for remote learning.

  3. Yes, leave the snakes to themselves! Glad you're out again and venturing away in the rolling home :-)

    1. I love that sign :-)) We're so happy to have some time out exploring!

  4. A museum with only two other people. WOW! I’d have spent the entire day. I am sure I would agree with you about the Alaya Gallery. The piece you showed is so moving. Culture stripped. I do support Black Lives Matter but I cannot help wonder why the genocide of the Native Americans whose soil we invaded is not a topic of outrage as well. They were here first. Thank you for putting this museum and especially the Alaya gallery on my bucket list. I’d love to go there with you. How lucky you are to be able to return at will to this amazing place. Wow that is some set up Ezra has. Love the “Mission Control” Nawma. I’m counting the days until All Hallows Eve when I depart in Winnona. FINALLY!! Unless of course, things take a turn for the worse in Florida.

    1. I know you would love this wonderful museum and culture center! I wish I could have taken one photo in the Alaya gallery - it was his depiction of the kidnapping and murder of native women with a moving poem, so powerful. What a perfect day to start a new journey, the beginning of the new year!!

  5. Love the ghost town areas you uncovered in Pearce. I can understand why you would want to revisit the museum. It looks amazing from just the little you shared with us. The rock area looks so neat but that snake sign would keep me away. Glad to hear the grandchildren are doing well. That is such an awesome Mission Control area Ezra has set up for him. Luck boy to have such a great learning experience. I see Space Camp in his future!! Our Kevin went when he was in sixth grade and had an amazing time. Hope all goes well with your travels. It's such fun to get the wheels rolling again. But packing is tough. We basically take everything. I am so use to having all we own with us. Safe travels.

    1. I want to go to Space Camp!! We're only gone two weeks this time but I'm amazed at little I brought and how little I've used. Of course the weather has been pretty consistent. I'm sure we'll be fully loaded next summer :-)

  6. We really enjoyed the Amerind, too. How cool that you got a membership and can enjoy it at your leisure. As you said, it's perfectly designed for the landscape and will be fun to explore outdoors when the snakes go to sleep for the winter.

    Ezra's Mission Control set up is incredible! Love all of the photos of the adorable grandkids. Happy travels, you guys! Packing and unpacking is the hardest part of a journey. It's what pushed us into fulltiming, LOL.

    1. With all the museums and galleries and national monument closed to non-residents I'm already looking forward to going back to "my" museum when we get back. Neither of us did any weekend RVing prior to going fulltime so this packing and unpacking thing is a new experience. We'll figure it out :-)