Friday, February 16, 2024

The End of the Holidays

 February 1 - 11, 2024
Tombstone - Kingman, Arizona

I swear every year I'm not going to comment on how time is flying - and! All those Valentine items that seemed so ridiculously early in the stores are now on Clearance :-)

I'm happy to have the Jeep back, to really get used to having two vehicles. Appointment planning is much easier!! The body shop did an amazing job, you can't tell any difference between the original and the new.

Our weather has been cold for several weeks, and while we enjoy the lack of winds for most of it, they've arrived with gusto the last few days. Whew - the same temps are so much colder when they're blowing through you! Tessa is not impressed with the timing of her latest grooming - it's not shorter-hair weather Mom.

Maybe it's the colder weather, but our neighborhood deer start coming in the yard to eat the bird feed! This is new behavior. They lean against the feeder pole, knock the feeders with their heads, and then masterfully consume all the seed off the ground. I'm sure I can hear the sucking of a vacuum as they make short work of all of it in 20 minutes. Poor birds! I'll have to figure out a different option if they continue. No photos as I'm trying to convince them to get back over the fence!

For us the real end of the holiday season is Super Bowl weekend. Bill is able to schedule his treatments so that we don't have to find a clinic in Kingman where we'll be staying with friends. Packing suitcases is something we haven't done in years, and we manage to not forget anything - yay! Driving the new car makes the 6 hours easy and comfortable, and until we get north of Phoenix we make good time.

Pulling off Hwy 303 onto Hwy 60 in Surprise we come to a stop, then inch along for a big accident on the other side of the road. Thankful it's on the other side as the backup is already about 8 miles and isn't moving at all. Three big rigs, two of them are loaded car-haulers, are tangled together like someone used a large crochet needle. It's a mess.

Heavy traffic with weather threatening to the north.

Hwy 93 is busy with traffic as well due to road construction, drivers who can't figure out round-abouts, and an event at the equestrian grounds. But once we're through Wickenburg, the drive is beautiful. Gas is $5.89/gal in Wikiup making us appreciate that although Tombstone is a tourist destination off any major highway our gas is $3.19/gal, and usually cheaper than in the "big city" of Sierra Vista!

We know it's been snowing in Kingman all morning, but the amount covering the surrounding mountains and the sides of the Interstate is surprising. It's beautiful!

Still lots of snow on the southern banks of I-40.

It's 38 degrees at 2:00 and the mountains are still getting fresh flakes and flurries.

Maggie and Jimmy are hosting six of us for the weekend with another dozen people coming for meals and the big game. Bill and I "reserved" their 5er parked in the backyard so we have lots of space. The furnace and electric fireplace get a workout over the three nights of below-freezing temps, and we're very comfortable.

Still very cold, but Saturday morning is bright and clear. Their backyard views are awesome.  

Back in Tombstone the snow that arrived after we left stays in the front yard for three days.

We eat like royalty every day, with enough food prepared for three dozen people! I make "eggchiladas" for Sunday breakfast, experimenting on our good friends. They're made with my Japanese egg pan, filled with meat and cheese and sauce. They turn out yummy!

Lots of fun times in the dining room. We didn't win any of the football pools (large cardboard in the back) this year.

With large televisions in three different rooms, there's plenty of room for everyone on game day.

Sadie is their new adopted pup, and does really well with all the strange people after only moving in a couple weeks ago. Here she's "helping" Maggie and I plan a t-shirt quilt :-)

It's about 50/50 for the big game with some fans more vested in their choices than others. Bill and I root for the Chiefs, but would have been okay with a 49ers win too. All agree it's a great game with mediocre commercials :-)

Good news changes are happening as eluded to last post. There are several steps to make the transition, but Bill is on track to moving his treatments to an in-home procedure. While there are potential issues that we'll need to address, the change could allow us to do some RV traveling as soon as this summer. As he continues to feel fine with no changes since he started four months ago, we're encouraged.

Henry, our little (not so little anymore) dinosaur Valentine.

Happy, happy Cassidy.

Minion Elliott pauses from his video game.

Precious Reese, such a big girl already.

Penelope shares her movie star-ness.


  1. And again, the best takeaway from this post is that Bill may be able to do his treatments at home--times have changed since my nursing days--and for the better! What a fun Super Bowl weekend you guys had! And I agree, the commercials were kind of blah! Sweet grand baby photos! I am loving these warm days after all that wind, cold and snow!

    1. It was a great weekend with fun friends, but boy it sure could have been warmer! Nice to feel the warm sun this week for sure.

  2. Is there ever a good time to drive thru Phoenix? Looks like a great gathering for the Super Bowl game, I can't imagine making enchiladas for the crowd, I might have it catered ;)
    Great news that Bill is free to travel more. And your grands ... just keep getting grander!

    1. Phoenix was easy peasy - taking Hwy 202 to avoid most of it helps a lot - but those smaller highways to the north were busy! The eggchiladas are eggs instead of tortillas but I'm not sure if they're more or less time consuming :-)

  3. We agree Jodee…what great news that things are in the works so that Bill will be able to do the treatments at home giving you the freedom to travel. This weeks weather was wonderful with more in the forecast…yippee! I share your sentiments about not sharing how time is flying…I don’t intend on saying anything about it, but often do because…well…time is flying! Just looking at your sweet photos of your grand babies is proof enough!

    1. Isn't that the truth!! We're blessed to get weekly, sometimes daily pics of them, but still they're just growing up tooooo fast.

  4. Those temperatures below freezing and 38 in the afternoon make me cringe. No no no no no.
    But your $3.19 for gas is better than where I am by 20 to 30 cents a gallon. So happy to hear that travel may well again be in your future. Sounds like Bill is doing great. With those darling grandkid faces I'd think you would just travel from one to the other and back again.

    1. It was much colder than I'm comfortable in for the weekend, but like our snow it only lasted for a few days. I'd much rather the short cold spells than the lengthy hot ones :-) With the grands in only two different places those travels would be sweet - although California and Virginia have few miles in between.

  5. Your super bowl gathering (or should I say supper bowl?) looked like lots of fun for you and we're glad you went! We're also glad we're "on the way" there and back, it was so nice catching up with you both and hearing your positive news! Of course, you had to go through Wickenburg and it's surrounds during our Gold Rush Days. The traffic expands exponentially then!

    1. Supper Bowl indeed! Getting to see you two was a great way to wrap up our adventure :-)

  6. Haha!!! I laughed at your description of the deer sucking up your bird seed like a vacuum cleaner. The neighborhood deer in Ashland regularly stopped by our yard for bird seed. 😾 They stood up on their hind legs and tipped the feeders so the seed poured into their mouths. Not cute!
    Good job on your suitcase packing! It's so different from RV travel, isn't it? Looks like you had a blast with your friends (I had to look up the Japanese egg pan, now I want one). I didn't know home dialysis was a possibility, that is fantastic!

    1. We're happy to have another option and hopeful it will mean some travel for us! The pan and spatula are small and easy to pack, and I highly recommend them for delish eggs and crepes. The deer are back this week and brought more friends :-/

  7. How nice of your friends to host the game. In-home treatments would be so convenient. The snow is pretty.

  8. Someone has to feed the poor deer who dislike the snow, too. Glad you're helping, even if the birds aren't happy:) Sounds like a great Super Bowl gathering. Keep us posted on Bill's good news. So happy for you both. Wonderful grand photos!!