Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time for a Doggie Intervention?

I have suspected for a while that our dear fluffy dog Tessa is a member of the “Nopoopinpublic” tribe.  On road trips she will rarely go potty while on the leash, and then she has to be far away from other people. Last weekend we re-seeded the backyard which means no doggy paws on the lawn for several weeks.  We have a front lawn with trees and Tessa can be out there without a leash, but she will rarely do her business.  She still lets us know when she needs to go outside, but once out there she is more likely to just lie down. Especially when it is light outside!  Or if there are people or other dogs around……Are you kidding me?? 

Nice, but not nearly private enough!

It seems that the majority of fulltimers are animal-lovers like us.  Dogs are most common, from tiny pocket pups to big labs and shepherds. These dogs have wonderful lives, spending lots of time with their humans and having the same marvelous adventures.  Many of their names are as recognizable as their owners’, and their antics make for great story-telling in multiple blogs.  Some of the most touching posts I’ve read have been about the loss of beloved doggie family members.  We are very much looking forward to Tessa being a part of our new life.

Unless it is a well-kept secret, I think all of those traveling doggies go potty outside of a fenced yard, in the daylight, even when there are others around.  I’ve tried explaining this to Tessa.  She seems skeptical.  Or maybe it’s stubborn.  Maybe there was a tribal oath at birth.
You're making that up!!
Regardless of her motivation there will have to be a change in this area over the next year.  I suppose it’s a good thing we learned this now and not after we were in our first camp site.  Not taking her with us is NOT an option so we will have to figure it out.   

Maybe an intervention before we hit the road.  I think Polly or Bridget or Sasha could probably set her straight – maybe we can set up a conference call on Skype and they can all explain it to her! 


  1. Your problem is funny, but it is also serious. It looks like some doggie therapy is in order. Maybe trips to a park etc will do the trick. Or would she use a puppy pad? I don't know, but good luck. Hopefully someone out there will have a good answer.for you.

    1. A little better luck today - did actually head to the park where she could sniff around for evidence that other dogs really do their business "in public." She wasn't taking my word for it!

  2. Headed over here to your blog after you answered my snake question on rvsue. I got here just in time to read your almost-ready-to-go announcement. Congrats! Tessa is a scream! I hope she will be blogging on the road. She reminds me of the Coton de Tulear of 2 Beverly Hills entertainment attorneys at Same dry, droll humor! Have fun getting ready. They say it's about the journey more than the destination! Have MAC, will follow!

    1. Glad you dropped over Gayle! This storm has added a whole new dimension to the doggy potty drama so the story continues :-).