Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Fun and Colorful Hometown

We really do live in a wonderful area. Best known as the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Santa Clarita Valley does not look or feel like part of Los Angeles County.

Home of the best coasters in the West - and a very pretty town.
Even as the population grows, the city planners do a pretty good job of maintaining a high percentage of green space -including the wonderful paseos that link several of our neighborhoods. Since retiring, I take daily walks with Tessa along these lovely paths through old-growth trees.

Paths are laid to accommodate established trees

There are miles of hiking/biking trails through and around the town. Public transportation is easy to access and Amtrak has two stations. Good schools, libraries, hospital, community programs - high marks all around.

Our neighborhood is it's most colorful this time of year.  In just a few blocks we are greeted with every color on the wheel.

So much variety.

Although there were/are real ranches and cowboys here, the area is best known as the backdrop for early Westerns. Museums, city parks, annual events all honor those western roots.

Now every genre of movie, television show, music video, etc., finds the perfect location for filming here. Just "up the hill" from Hollywood, we see film crews here weekly. Vazquez Rocks is one of our most filmed sites. 

1951 film The Flames of Araby

1967 Star Trek Episode "Arena"

2009 "About a Girl" video by Sugarbabes
Many of the "downtown" scenes in NCIS also use our Town Center area ("the mall").  Several weeks ago I followed a black Dodge attached to a filming dolly with Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) behind the wheel.  Very fun :-).

Sherry 's post today reminded me how delightful the familiar can be even when embracing the nomadic life of the new and different.

When our temps hit triple digits, and stay above 90 degrees for weeks at a time, I may be feeling less "local-love". I can look back at this post and remember that summer is not the time of year we will want to come back for a visit!


  1. Your native spot looks great. And Hollywood filming. WOW. We have some Hollywood types hiding out here in our town and every once in a while some filming but not the draw of the rocks you have. Beautiful colors too. Thanks for the shout out. I know I won't be coming to Virginia during the summer. Spring or Fall are GREAT....summer or winter...not so much.

    1. Read somewhere that the cottage from Murder She Wrote (Cabot Cove, MA) is really in Mendocino, CA - you just never know :-). Winters are wonderful in CA - hope you can make it this year!

  2. Hometowns are always the place we're supposed to love most. They are places we want to come back and visit but we usually try to visit them during the best times of the year and not necessarily during the busiest, the hottest or the coldest.

    1. With 6 Flags being the big draw, the crowds are here during the yucky weather of summer - so we are lucky that we can return when it's not busy or hot :-)!

  3. I know I always think fondly of my favorite places, places I used to live. It is nice to go back and revisit them. But, we'll have so many new places to visit, and that's always so exciting to me!

    1. You're in a wonderful area up there but I know you'll be glad to be gone come summer!!