Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Days in Manitou Springs, CO

June 13-15, 2016
Manitou Springs, CO

After our exciting trip the day before, Monday we stay close to home. In the afternoon I walk around the historic district of Manitou Springs. Like many little downtowns that have maintained their charm, but are buried by tourists during the summer, this Main Street is a colorful combination of history, art, eateries, and boutiques. 

Hippies are alive and well here, and colorfully clothed
A very do-able goal in this life
Sadly this magical place is closed Mondays
Old buildings and new yummies
and old yummies too
The springs of Manitou have an interesting history
and several of them are along the walkway in town
I enjoy a Cappuccino and people-watch from the outside tables at Good Karma. There are several touristy t-shirt shops, but also some lovely boutiques of bright colored treasures that make me want to get dressed-up again. 

I'm over it as soon as I leave the store :-)

The afternoon passes quickly as I take my time moving among package-laden folks. Bill gets a new t-shirt that I'm convinced he really needs, and I return home.

Tuesday is our last day here, and Bill finds Manitou Lake not far from us. It's warm early, but the breeze keeps it very comfortable for a few hours by the water.  Bill fishes while Tessa and I walk the shoreline. 

A couple van-loads of youngsters are laughing and having a great time in one of the group areas, fishing poles and other equipment in evidence. We wonder if maybe we'll have a lot of noisy company on the shore, but we seem to have arrived as they're finishing a morning of fishing. Perfect timing for everyone.

His happy place
A pair of storks pelicans across the lake

Two Canada geese keep an eye on their more rambunctious neighbors
Tiny damsel flies flit along the shoreline
Showing a bit more caution in her water investigations
One of a few catches for the day - yay!
The covered group site has two fireplaces
We saved one place from Bill's Colorado days for our last night in town. The Loop is now a large Mexican restaurant with margaritas voted #1 for the last 12 years. When Bill was here, it was a small bar called El Pagio, with no food, and a live band every night. With a good friend who lived up the street, he spent a "lot" of time here.

One doesn't say no to award-winning margaritas!
The food is good, the margaritas very good. There is no longer live music, and we're ready for an early evening, so we head for home.

We enjoyed our five days exploring Bill's past and seeing some amazing sights. Now we're ready to continue north where the grandbaby and his parents and uncle are joining us for a few days!

Travel day bug removal commences 
Entering Denver with seven lanes full of our close friends
I-25 is an easy drive to Longmont, CO. Bumper-to-bumper traffic joins us through Denver with construction zones to add more interest. I don't mind big city traffic, I lived in California my whole life.

Our destination is St Vrain State Park. The exit dumps us into major road construction on Hwy 119 - dang! The park is very close to the interstate, but even with some road noise it is lovely with a lot of water and green space. All sites are well spaced with clean, covered picnic tables, in-ground fire pits, and level paved pads. 50 amp FHUs at our site 81.

Our beautiful, big front yard. The snow-capped Rockies in the distance.
We settle in, ready to see our family the next day!!!


  1. Manitou Springs is such a great town, the shops around there are fun to browse. We've been to The Loop many times for dinner.

    1. I was shocked at how busy the little town is - still, it has a great authentic feel!

  2. Looks like a great visit to Manitou Springs. But now you are having the best time of all with the grandbaby. Have a wonderful time with family and give Ezra lots of hugs:)

  3. This was another great day checking out the area. Tourists are everywhere now that school is out so it doesn't matter whether or not it's a weekend anymore. Your next adventure is just ahead.

    1. Summer does make a big difference for sure! The state park hasn't emptied out very much for a Monday.

  4. Love the white pelicans, Jodee! We saw them inland in Florida. Quite a bit different than the coastal variety.

    1. They are really goofy birds, at least these two were!

  5. Love that picture of Bill. What a background to relax in. I admit that on thing I love to do but don't in my RV life is dress up. One year maybe I'll just travel around from one Renaissance Festival to another to OD on dress up. Those hippie clothes looked fun.

    1. That sounds like a grand plan! Love all the regalia to dress in, and the delight of losing oneself in a different time.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful few days in Manitou Springs—I think it's a place we would enjoy. I often feel inspired to buy pretty things when I browse through interesting shops—and then recover my senses when I leave the store. :-)) Bill definitely looks relaxed sitting by the lake!

    1. I'm sure you would enjoy MS - it is just quirky enough to make the crowds worth weathering :-) He loved that little lake!

  7. Love the hippie clothes but who has space. Is fun to look though. The margaritas look good but no thanks to the city traffic. You've got to be enjoying family by now.