Monday, May 6, 2019

Every April for a Decade

April 10-17, 2019
Laughlin, Nevada

Everyone whose known us for more than a couple years knows where we spend the third week of April. This year, it was a week early to avoid the Easter holiday. It's our annual high school (town) reunion in Laughlin, Nevada.

As Bill and I were high school sweethearts, and he took me to my Senior prom (he was a Junior), we both know many of the same people and share lots of stories from that wonderful time in our lives. I actually lived nearly 50 miles from the mining town where the high school was so he knows a lot of the younger sisters and brothers that I never met. I'm getting to know many of them who come to the reunions on a regular basis.

1973 Prom
The last three years we've stayed at the Riverside Casino RV Park, and last year our good friends started joining us in their RVs. This year it was the same four couples as last year, with one surprise addition who just happened to get reservations next to us! Chuck and Pam will be joining us "officially" in 2020.

We spend a lot of time hanging out with everyone between our rigs, moving to chase the shade during the day, and the light winds in the evening. We share all our dinners, and really enjoy gathering for coffee in the morning. It's a great time that goes by too fast.

Despite a few breaks in "our" chair, Tessa manages to get filthy from a week of being in the dirt.

Quinn gets a ride around the park with the grandma-brigade.

Sometimes Jimmy needs a time-out :-)
While Bill officiates the annual golf tournament on Friday, Maggie and I head to Hoover Dam for the tour. She's never been, and I'm happy to revisit. Not too crowded, we enjoy both the dam tour and the power plant tour. 

Maggie with the Pat Tillman Bridge

The engineering of this structure is mind-blowing.

The walk-through built during the original construction - I try not to think about the gazillion gallons of water pressing against these walls (although the tour guide continues to mention is over and over!)

Inside the dam, these narrow tunnels lead to the vents on the front of the structure.

Photo taken from the vent in the side of the dam.

Despite two years of good rainfall, the bath-tub ring shows an all time low for the lake.
Meanwhile.....Bill is having an equally great time running around the golf course in his official cart.
Friday night is our meet and greet evening where we catch up with folks - there's always a few we haven't seen since high school! I don't take many pics, just enjoy the people and the music. 

The golf gang - each year more people get involved.

We always have a handful of teachers - here Coach Finton and wife Pat.

Quinn plays balloons with Daddy and her sister Roz.

Our own Blues Sisters get the party started!
Saturday afternoon I come down with a stomach bug that keeps me home all night. Missing the big annual dinner bash really sucks, but I'm better by mid-day on Sunday.

We even get a visit from our pals John and Pam (Oh the Places They Go) out for a motorcycle ride! It's so fun to see them even for a short visit! I fail to get a pic so you'll just have to believe me :-)

Our last day we take Kevin with us to check out Christmas Tree Pass. I've wanted to make this drive for years and am still amazed by it's natural beauty.

The highlight of Bill's day - a beautiful young Bull Snake. Tessa won't cuddle up with him after he has "snake-smell" on his shirt :-)

Many of these namesake trees along the road.

The variety of formations is fascinating.
When we return to Laughlin the skies are dark and soon we have heavy rain and wind. This is also our last meal and I've planned a Cajun feast of goodies we have in our freezer from Louisiana. So let's have 12 over for dinner!!

Another great time with great friends comes to an end.
We lost three wonderful friends this year, and that made this reunion a little bittersweet. But it reinforces how important it is to see all our life-long friends whenever we get the chance.

Joshua Tree Highway

A sweet spot for overnight.
Wednesday we make a beautiful drive over the Joshua Tree Highway for a one night stay in Mojave, California. This is our second time at Sierra Trails RV Park, a cute little oasis of trees and flowers. We mostly just sleep.....and then we leave the desert behind to play among some very, very big trees.


  1. Looks like another successful reunion. So sorry you missed the big dinner, though. Darn flu bug! We just drove Christmas Tree pass for the first time in March. It is a spectacular drive. The scenery is awesome! It was great fun to see you three in person if only for a short visit. It has been way too long.

    1. I agree it's been too long!! Our paths just didn't cooperate this year - so we were especially happy you made the ice cream drive while we were there :-)

      We want to take a group for that gorgeous drive next year.

  2. That is one crowded camper! I know we have had a lot of people jammed in our rig during cooler weather but I don't think we have ever had that many.

    1. It was pretty fun with the storm blowing around us - and the yummy vittles didn't hurt :-))

  3. What an awesome tradition, Jodee. I love seeing Bill handling snakes...he has a way with them!

    1. It was funny to watch him grab it out of the bush (he knew what kind of snake it was), and then turn around with that big grin :-)

  4. That photo of the dam taken from the vent is outstanding!!

    1. Thanks Janna. It was worth that tight space :-)

  5. Looks like another fun reunion—and you had 12 over for dinner!! That's impressive. I'm sure they were thrilled to have a Cajun feast.
    I love that photo of you and Bill at the prom. :-)

    1. It's still amazing to see people we haven't seen since high school show up here in the desert! I love that photo too!

  6. How nice to still be friends and reuniting regularly with your high school friends. Our school had 500+ so I for sure didn't know everyone. On our way today to see my BFF from high school, haven't seen her for 4 years so this is a long overdue visit.

    1. Have a great time!! It's so fun to get caught up with those who "knew us when".