Friday, May 24, 2019

The Beauty of Bodega Bay With Bestest Buddies

April 28-May 2, 2019
Bodega Bay, California

Yep, we meet up with more friends (same in a new spot) in the beautiful hamlet of Bodega Bay. We were hoping to travel more with them up the Pacific Coast, but our July 4th plans are too slow for their Canada plans. Instead, we make the best of a few days of perfect weather in a place we love, but is new for Jimmy and Maggie.

The sensor on our exterior steps has been acting wonky for a little while, but we're sure they're "in" when we pull out on Sunday morning.

At the toll booth we don't have enough cash so I drive through the pass-only lane, knowing they'll bill me through the mail with a penalty. Can't be helped. Unfortunately I also clip the side of the kiosk with "something" that I think is the mirror. It's not moving so we keep going, assuming there's an ugly scrape on the front side, but no real damage.

In Petaluma we exit the freeway and a driver next to us points down, telling us there's something wrong with our step. Oh no!! It must have come down and smacked the kiosk. I picture a mangled mess hanging off the side of the rig :-(

No place to pull over, we continue through the small town streets. Another motorist waves to our side, and we acknowledge with thanks. Up ahead is a place where we can pull over, buuuut, that same motorist has now pulled into that space to jump out and wave at us that there's something wrong. Nice, but definitely not helpful.

Eventually I find a parking lot to pull over. As Bill opens the door I'm prepared for a mess. 

Nope. The steps are down, but no damage. And none on the mirror or anywhere else we can see. Bill adjusts the sensor and the steps come in without issue. What a relief! But, still a mystery as to what we hit. 

Later, Maggie notes that the steps are tweaked a little, and we speculate I must have just snagged the edge where they stick out a little and that pulled them all the way out as we continued. So lucky it wasn't worse.

We set up at Porto Bodega, right next to our pals! They've doubled their prices since we were here four years ago, and our fire pit is full of trash so I'm a bit disappointed - but we're on the bay and the location is wonderful.

A real treat, we have dinner made for us, and enjoy it outside on the picnic table. It's the beginning of many days of perfect weather.

Monday we make our way to the Pt Reyes Peninsula - a long time favorite of mine.

This is dairy country.

And also a Tule Elk Reserve
Zoomie circles on North Beach

Lizzie, Jimmy, Maggie, Tessa

Tessa and Lizzie diggin' for treasure. They're clearly from the same tribe.
It's a fun day of exploring and laughing with good friends and Tuesday morning we're up and out for some more. Breakfast in Duncans Mills is always good - of course I always have the same smoked salmon and brie omelet :-) We make our way through the little towns of Occidental and Bodega, and stop to see one of the iconic locations where Hitchcock's The Birds was filmed. 

Always yummy.

The school where the children ran from the crow attack.
After naps and a couple card games, we enjoy a final meal at the little Mexican restaurant in town. 

Serious stuff.

We always have such a great time with Jimmy and Maggie.
All too soon, they're on their way!
We take a short drive north on Hwy 1 then head back for late lunch. Spud Point Crab Company has the best clam chowder anywhere so a stop there on our way to beautiful Bodega Head is mandatory. This time we try the crab and shrimp roll as well, and it's also amazing!

Where the Russian River meets the ocean in Jenner, CA

Bodega Head
A final day of exploring before we continue north to see more family. The Pacific Coast has such spectacular beauty, and we're excited to return for another summer. In our opinion there's no better place to spend the warm months!

Just the beginning of a colorful trip up the coast.


  1. The California coast is a great destination nice that you had friends to share it with.

  2. Love that coast, Jodee! The cow seems to be saying "This sure doesn't look like Wisconsin". :)

    1. We all commented on how they were such lucky cows!!

  3. That coastline looks so inviting. Maybe this fall I'll make it back to the PNW. Tessa appears to be in beach heaven.

  4. Such beautiful photos!! Yes, the coast is a special place to be in the warm weather. We don't have warm weather yet so we don't know what you mean!! Love the matching dogs...big girl and little girl.

    1. Thanks! The weather in other places is so crazy this year. I'm glad we decided to come back to the coast.