Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sometimes Your"self" Is the Biggest Job to Get Done

One major goal before hitting the road to spend long stretches of time away from the conveniences of metropolitan healthcare and rv repair is getting ourselves healthy and fit.  Now neither of us have allergies or asthma or phobias that keep us from doing things.  We are exceptionally healthy when it comes to avoiding the flu, the common cold and generally "being sick".  However we are both far from being "fit" and suffer the health complications that come with being overweight. In addition, Bill needs to have both knees replaced to regain the flexibility and agility necessary to do the hiking we want to do and the rv maintenance we need to do. 

This is one area where that 27-month timeline is closer to "too short" rather than "forever from now".  So with the encouragement of our doctors and the support of Kaiser's weight management program we signed up for a six-month very calorie-restrictive diet and behaviour modification plan.  It began with a group orientation last week that outlined all the damage we are doing to our bodies by being overweight (uh yeah, we live in these bodies....) and the various programs available to get the weight off.  Before we went I already knew, and Bill had reluctantly agreed (because he's no fool) that we would join the strictest full-fast program to kick start our physical transformation.  These are six-month programs and they only do one program at a time so when they announced the first program (not a full fast) didn't start until mid-August I was worried we would have to wait as long or longer for our program.  This would really push Bill's rehab from the knee surgery (on hold until the weight is off) into the far end of our timeline.  The gods were smiling on us though and our program starts May 23!  Just enough time to rush through some lab work earlier this week, meet with the program doctor, and start the first week of the fast after our wedding reception (more on that later).  It was great news and is always validating to have our plans come together so perfectly!

We both know how important this "job" is to the success of all the others we need to complete. It will be miserable and difficult and satisfying and uncomfortable and exhilarating all at the same time.  We will question our sanity at thinking we could really do it, and look for excuses to get out of it, and at least once will believe we can get the same results on our own - hopefully not at the same time!  Which is one reason that doing it together is the best way.  One of us will drag the other kicking and screaming through the week, and then we'll switch the following week.  But we will succeed on this big job and at the end of November we will be truly thankful to be right on track to reaching our goals!

Here's to a healthier us!

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