Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spending Time with Family and Friends.....All at Once!

One important goal for our next two years is making opportunities to be with family and friends. Our travels will certainly include visits to folks we care about but for the most part we will be out there on our own.  There will be long stretches of time and distance between us and those we care about.  So while we are stationary in a sticks and bricks house we want to be better at reaching out and visiting.  Otherwise I suspect we will look back with regret at missed opportunities.

So let's have 40+ of our favorite people over for the weekend!  And take our wedding vows and make food and play music and drink beer (let's do lots of that) and eat cake and talk and laugh and play together!  Wow, what a blast! 

It was so good to see every one and to get caught up with some we haven't seen in way too long.  Just as fun was sharing our plans to be fulltime travelers and to find support (and some envy) from those closest to us.  It's easy to question yourself when you decide to take a leap of faith and change to an alternate life style.  You wonder if people will think you're crazy and send you down a road of doubt with questions you haven't considered..... but nope, none of that from this bunch.  Every one thinks it's a great idea, especially those signing up for the stuff we can't take with us!  And that is great too because where else do you want your precious things to be than with family and friends?!
The weekend also validated the importance of this goal.  There is great value in making the time and space in our lives for people.  We are blessed with wonderful (crazy) family and friends so to miss any chance to be with them is a loss.  I suppose we could have used the weekend event to check off the goal as accomplished, but instead I'm motivated to build on it.
Tomorrow we pick up our supplements to start the medical fast on Friday so this weekend will be the polar opposite of last weekend in the food world......also a good thing!

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