Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finding Natural and Historical Gems While Sticking Close to Town

River Walk - Truckee River in Reno

The reason we didn't make the trek to Elko, NV, was because our good friend Kevin was coming here for a doctor's appointment.

Turns out it was good timing as they admitted him to the hospital in Reno on Tuesday afternoon. Not sure what the situation was, we decided to postpone longer day trips until we had more information.

After running some errands we stopped for lunch at The Firkin and Fox (also known as fric-and-frac by highly educated people), an English Pub inside the historic St. Charles Hotel. They have a lovely patio across the street from the state capitol.

The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and we took a nice walk around the capitol grounds after our delicious meal. Although the planters are all bare due to lack of water, the trees and landscaping are beautiful. The capitol itself is quite small, with the legislative branches housed in a separate, more modern building. The state supreme court building is much larger and stands between the other two.

Capitol among the trees
Nevada State Supreme Court
Statues honoring history and heroes are interspersed throughout the lovely grounds.

Early settlers - miners
Namesake - Kit Carson
Founding father - Abraham Curry
Love this giant beauty with the cloud shadow

Kevin's wife, Bridgette, called Wednesday morning with an update and we headed for Reno. Stopped at a pretty park on the way, but with no dogs allowed, we didn't spend much time.

Bowers' Mansion Park
We didn't want to take Tessa in the hospital so I dropped Bill off and went looking for jackets - the only thing we've misplaced in our travels is both our jackets :-(

Before I found any stores, I found the River Walk and we had to stop and check it out. Tessa and I enjoyed a thirty minute walk along the water with a couple side loops through downtown. 

It is an interesting mix of joggers, geese, art, the homeless, flowers, ducks, school children, musicians and historic buildings. 

Tourists from Canada
Century old Methodist Church dwarfed by casino 
Utility box as art
Fall flora
Art as art
Happened upon a Burlington Coat Factory and found comfy warm jackets for both of us. On the way back to the hospital I made a right turn and there it was...

.....the most recognized icon of Reno, NV
Bill was texting me to get picked up as I pulled up beside him - we're scary like that sometimes :-)

Kevin remains in the hospital where they don't seem to have any plan or prognosis, although he is in good spirits and fairly comfortable. I'm glad we're here and able to see for ourselves how he's doing. Few people we know are more ornery and stubborn, so I'm confident he'll soon be back home.

We'll get in a day trip and stay in touch, then see if our departure day may need to change.


  1. Well that's kind of scary that the hospital and its doctors have no clue. Glad you could be there with them. Those Canadian tourists seem to be everywhere and stay a very long time. I thought it was 6 months and they had to go back for half a year?

    1. Right?! There are lots of them in the fields here, showing no signs of moving on :-)) We got good news that Kevin is being released this afternoon. Looks like they have his meds balanced out now, so we're hoping to see them again before leaving in the morning :-))))))

  2. Reno is definitely an interesting little town. It looks like you discovered that all by yourself.

    Great that you were able to give Kevin support. I'm sure he was pleased you were there.

    1. Definitely glad we could be here for them - and even happier he's out and feeling so much better :-)

    2. Definitely glad we could be here for them - and even happier he's out and feeling so much better :-)

  3. Loved the pictures Jodee! I'm so glad that everything worked out with your friend. Sending you all positive energy in your travels. :)

  4. Glad your friend is feeling better. We spent many a day off trying to locate all of the covered bridges in VT, saw parts of the state many locals had never seen or knew about. It's amazing how much can be found to enjoy when we just take the time to look.

    1. So true - lots of treasures in every little spot (and big ones) where we stop.

  5. Sure hope your friend Kevin gets out of the hospital soon with some answers.

    1. It was great he was out our last day - adjusted meds seemed to fix it.

  6. Glad to know that your friend Kevin is doing better -- such a gift that you can be there with your friends to offer support during a challenging time. I just realized that I left my cozy boots behind in Ashland, so we're going to be stopping at Sierra Trading Post in Reno when we pass through next week! :-)

    1. I saw that store but wasn't familiar, and when the coat factory was a success I didn't check anywhere else :-) At least you know where to go for new boots!!

  7. Good to hear your friend is out of the hospital and things will be all right:) Sounds like you and Tessa had a fun time around the river and town. Glad you found jackets but, hopefully, you won't need them often:) John and I got a good laugh out of your little comment...very clever:)